War, Day 1


Bedtime:  11:20 pm

Alarm set:  6:30 am

Snooze hits:  zero (yay!)

Usually, I have no problem falling asleep or staying asleep.  I very rarely remember my dreams.  I am a very sound sleeper, and typically wake up in the same position I fell asleep in.  Not so last night.  I am not sure if I kept dreaming, or if I kept waking up early this morning.  I remember frequently feeling like the alarm should have gone off already, and I was just lying there in my (warm, cozy) bed waiting for it to shrill so I could get up.  I have no idea what time it was, or should have been, as I am blind as a bat without my contacts and can never see the clock from bed.  It seemed to be light out in my wake/dream state, but that was no help to me.  I am almost never up before the sun, and really have very little idea as to what time the sun comes up.  To me, dark means I should definitely still be in bed.  Very bright means I should probably be up.  Dawn-ish light typically means bed.

Finally, the alarm did go off.  My husband’s clock is set one minute faster than my trusty cell phone, so his 6:30am alarm went off one stinking minute before my cell phone alarm.  Usually, he is so fast on the buttons that I don’t even hear the first alarm of the morning.  Today, I did.  I laid there for a moment wondering if this was the alarm I should get up with – does a “not mine” alarm count as a snooze hit?  Before I could decide, the cell phone alarm went off, and I rolled out of bed, pulled the covers back up over the bed behind me, shuffled over to the dresser, and shut it off.  I fought the intense urge to snuggle back under the down comforter next to my warm husband (my, can he furnace!).  I slid off to the bathroom, fighting my way through four hungry cats, and started my day. 

Yawn. Coffee, please.


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