War, Day 5


Bedtime:  11:00 pm

Alarm set:  6:00 am, I’m getting pretty tired of this.

Snooze hits:  zero

Okay, last night I slept great.  Left-over money worries or not.  But…  this morning was way hard!  That stinking alarm went off from across the room and I was MAD MAD MAD!!  Stinking 6:00 <grumble grumble> Warm bed <grumble grumble> sleeping hubby <grumble grumble> grumpy Marybeth <grumble grumble>

Stumble into the bathroom.  Stumble downstairs to feed the cats.  (Narrowly avoided tripping on one and falling down the stairs, by the way.)  Stumble back to the bathroom and get in a WAY TOO HOT shower!  Yikes!  Awake now!  Shampoo hair.  Grab shampoo a second time instead of conditioner.  On second thought, maybe I’m not quite awake yet…  Coffee, please…

The good news is that I was up and awake for the surprise 7:00 am business phone call I got.  Last week I would have mumbled “hello” and probably hung up on the guy, leaving the questions I had for him unanswered, losing an opportunity, and possibly burning a bridge.

The 3+ hour drive north was a bit rough.  I was kind of drowsy for part of it – enter iPod, audiobooks, and podcasts!  I had to play around a bit before I found something that would hold my attention, but I made it north.  Finally.  (After a short stop at the Grand Traverse Pie Co in Terre Haute – my new personal addiction.  I am in love with their sugar cookies!)

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