War, Day 6


Bedtime:  10:50 pm

Alarm set:  6:10 am  (I guess that’s a little better than 6:00.  Not much.)

Snooze hits:  zero

Last night I had panicked dreams about waking up again.  I dreamed that the alarm went off, and I did not hit snooze, but instead turned it completely off.  Then I woke up (in my dream) at 8:00 when the friend I am staying with left for work, making me late.  Didn’t I say at the beginning of all this that I rarely remember my dreams?  This is too many in too few nights.  Apparently, the thought of getting up with the first stinking alarm clock in the morning stresses me out!

In reality, I woke up when the alarm in the next room went off (at 5:45) and was off-and-on kept awake by the dogs running around the house until my alarm went off at 6:10.  Then I got up, collected my stuff, and shuffled into the shower.  (Notice a shuffle theme in the mornings?)  I thought things were going well this morning.  I was up, had breakfast, left the house by 7:30, at work by 7:45.

Then.  Then the day really started.  I couldn’t find some samples I need for my research today.  I could have sworn I knew which freezer I left them in.  It’s on my spreadsheet, for crying out loud!  How could they not be there?  (Hubby calls me the Spreadsheet Queen.  Some days it feels like I live and die by these things.)  They weren’t there.  I tried to start up my laptop to double-check my spreadsheet.  The laptop had been outside all night long, and was too cold to start on the battery.  Thankfully, it started up just fine with the power cord.  (Crisis averted!  Now it is warm and toasty and working just fine.)  Sure enough, the spreadsheet says the samples should be where they are not.  Hmmm.  Well, there is another freezer I can check.  Wouldn’t you know, the samples that were supposed to be in that freezer were also missing!  Now what?  The good news is that I did find my “back up” high volume samples.  Less than ideal, but exactly what they are here for.  Okay, one last place to check for the original samples.  Lucky me, in the third freezer, in the third building (my last option), I found all the missing samples but 2.  Apparently I had moved them, and forgotten to update the spreadsheet.  Amazing!  Guess what’s on my list to get done this morning!  Stinking spreadsheet.


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