War, Day 8


Bedtime:  11:00 pm

Alarm set:  6:10 am

Snooze hits:  zero

Would you believe this is the first chance I’ve had to sit at a computer all day?  Yikes, it’s been a morning of meetings.  Anyway…

This morning, the “just one more” beast reared it’s ugly head big time.  (This one is for the alarm clock.  There is a different “just one more” beast for M&M, cookies, and brownies.)  All the more because the bathroom was not yet free.  Why bother getting up when I’m still stuck in the guest room?  Shouldn’t I just stay in bed?  I fought through it.  Made the bed, and waited for the bathroom to be free.  That took all of two minutes.  Shoot.  Guess it wasn’t worth hitting snooze after all.  (But it would have been so nice!)

So, I forgot that my car was almost out of gas and I had to stop on the way to work.  (I would have made it there, just not sure I would have made it back.)  Was late for my first meeting, forgot something I needed for my second meeting in a completely different part of campus, sat through meetings 2 and 3, ran around the Vet School dropping off paperwork and picking up video tapes, now am in Bindley getting ready to hit the lab for the afternoon before I drive the three hours back to Princeton tonight.

Did I mention that Princeton and Lafayette are not on the same time zone?  At least I gain an hour this evening…

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