War, Day 9


Bedtime:  11:30 pm

Alarm:  7:00 am

Snooze hits:  none

Yesterday was a long day.  I spent all afternoon working hard in the lab, and then had a long drive back to Princeton.  Something about focusing on long protocols and pipetting samples and reagents (all of which are clear, colorless fluids, by the way) really takes it out of me.  I did manage to get my desk a bit decluttered when I got home last night.  It went from this:

Messy desk

To this:

Clean desk

And John (aka hubby) moved the big scary deer head that stared at me all day long in the office while I was gone.

10-point mule deer

It is not in the house anymore.  Now it’s just me and my messy bookcases.

No scary deer

This morning, cozied up to John in our warm bed, it was a challenge to get up.  We did have a nice relaxing morning.  We had breakfast together, watched a little TV, and John went off to the Gibson County Fairgrounds go do some work on the grounds.  I hung out in my pajamas, read a little, knitted, watched some more TV.  (Wait, why did I get up at 7:00?  Oh yeah, greet the day, pop out of bed, blah blah blah.)

Then I got up to be productive.  I tried to take a shower.  There is no water.  No water? Oh, no.  We are on a well.  This is not good.  The well pump is hot.  It is noon on a Saturday.  This is really not good.  Living on a farm just got a little less attractive.  Hmm.  Now what?  Well, I guess dishes and laundry are out for the day.  We were going to do some work on prepping and painting our kitchen cabinets.  We can still do that, until we need to clean up.  Where are we going to find a well pump on a Saturday afternoon?  How will I shower?  How will our cows drink?  (Because they need way more water than we do.)

This is not a good start to the weekend…


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