War, Day 11


Bedtime:  11:20 pm

Alarm:  6:00 am

Snooze hits:  zero

So, the good news is that we have water again.  After some help from a very wonderful friend, six hours, and three trips to town (40 minutes driving round trip), we have a new well pump.

Our brand new well pump

The bladder tank (the big blue thing on the right) was new in January.  The well pump (the gray thing on the bottom left) was yesterday’s adventure.  Now, we are happy and showered.  The cows are still happy.  Their automatic waterer is working again.  Now all we have left is the extra parts that are on top of my dryer.  Um, honey?  Are we supposed to have extra parts?

This morning.  Leo got hungry early.  Now, I realize this is my fault.  The first thing I do in the morning is feed the cats.  Some cats are more food motivated than others.  Leo is the most food motivated animal I have ever met.  And sadly, he has trained me well.  Usually he waits until the alarm clock goes off to start in on me.  This morning, for whatever reason, he started before the clock.  That does not make me happy.

Leo is always hungry

First, this is a big cat.  Second, this is a fat cat.  (Notice that you can not see his back feet?)  He is very formidable in the morning when he is hungry.  Just imagine those long whiskers tickling your ear.  Then that face staring at you when you roll over.  Then that head crashing into your forehead when he head-butts you.  (John calls it “bulldozing.”  He is, after all, a big yellow Cat.)  Then, all 17 pounds of him in a few small square inches as he pounces on your bladder.  Oof. You would think that would work better than any alarm clock.  You would be wrong.

I pushed him off the bed, rolled back over, and waited for my alarm clock to go off.  Then I got up.  No snooze button.  Just hungry Leo (and Pretzel, and Martin, and Orleans; more on them later).

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