War, Day 13


Bedtime:  11:30 pm

Alarm:  5:15 am (yes, that 5:15)

Snooze:  zero

First, I want to say that this morning was a serious accomplishment for me.  We actually left the house at 6:02 am.  All because John has a meeting all day today for the Indiana Veterinary Medical Association in Indianapolis.  In a different time zone.  (I really wish Indiana would make up its mind and pick a time zone.  I don’t care which one.  I’m tired of this.)

So, why didn’t I just stay at home in bed for another hour?  We left Princeton this morning (Central time) and are leaving on a jet plane from Indianapolis tonight (Eastern time) to go to Dallas (Central time).  Tomorrow we are going to Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership 1-Day Event in Dallas.  Friday morning we are flying from Dallas (CST) to Indy (EST) to drive back to Princeton (CST).  Just in time to change to Daylight Savings on Saturday night.  Seriously?  As if my internal clock isn’t screwed up enough?  But I am really excited about the EntreLeadership event…  been looking forward to this for a few months!

So here I sit, in the hotel bar…  I mean restaurant!  Getting some work done while my husband is at the IVMA Board of Directors meeting, shaping the future of our organization.

Tomorrow’s post will be from Dallas, but likely not until the evening.  Friday’s post will be back from the comfort of home, but also likely not until the evening.  Wish me good flights!


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