War, Day 15


Bedtime:  10:45 pm

Alarm:  4:30 am (Seriously?)

Snooze hits:  zero – Amazing!

Now that I have finally made up my mind not to hit my beloved snooze button in the mornings, I set the alarm clock to the time that I actually have to get out of bed.  Knowing this makes the getting up part a little bit easier.  Not a lot, but a little.  Easier this morning because we were leaving the dive.  Hard this morning because it was o’dark-thirty.  4:30?  In the morning?  Are you kidding me?

We had to check out of the dive, drive to the airport (about 20 minutes), drop off the rental car and take the shuttle to the Dallas/Fort Worth airport terminal (they said to leave at least 30 minutes for this), check in, get through security, and get to the gate in time for a 7:40 am flight.  So we got up at 4:30 and had left the dive by 5:00 am.  Would you believe that traffic in Dallas at 5:00 am is awful?  Traffic in Dallas at 5:00 am is awful.  The D/FW rental car return, check in lines, and security are not awful at 5:15 am.  So not awful that we were sitting at our gate before 5:45 am.  Seriously.  We were so early that even though the sign at Dunkin Donuts said “Breakfast served any time!” we were too early for breakfast.  They didn’t get their eggs delivered until 6:00.  I kid you not.  I waited (not-so) patiently for my egg sandwich and coffee.  (How I miss Dunkin Donuts coffee.)

We got on the full plane, taxied away from the terminal, and proceeded to sit on the runway.  Now, I was asleep on the plane by this time, but I’m told it went something like this.

Pilot, 7:40 am:  “We can’t leave yet, because there is too much fog in Indianapolis for us to land.  And yes, we knew this before you boarded, but this way is so much more fun for us!  We are just going to sit here, far away from the terminal, while you are all crammed in like sardines, and idle the engines so we waste as much fuel as possible until the fog lifts enough for us to leave.”

Pilot, 8:20 am:  “Well, we have the clearance to take off now, but we have wasted so much fuel that we won’t make it to Indianapolis, and we need to taxi back to the terminal so we can refuel.”

Pilot, 8:35 am:  “Okay!  Now we have fuel again, and we can leave.  We have a good tail wind, so we will only get you to Indy an hour late.”

I woke up on and off during this exchange, enough to realize that we hadn’t left yet.  I woke up for good sometime after take off.  About 5 minutes after take off.  (One of my favorite abilities is to be able to sleep through take off.  I am never quite able to sleep through landing.)  So I read my book and listened to the guy next to me sniffle the rest of the flight.  This was not my best travel day.  It was also not my worst.


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