War, Day 16


Bedtime:  10:30 pm

Alarm:  6:00 am (in hindsight, what was I thinking?)

Snooze:  zero.  Well, sort of.

Okay.  So last night I was thinking to myself, “Self, you just have to get up at 6:00 am like you have been doing during the week so you have time to exercise, shower, breakfast, pick up the house, and get out to the high school by 9:00 so you can help with set construction.”  Sounded reasonable.  Last night.  Not so this morning.

My alarm went off.  I turned over to John and said, “If I intentionally re-set it for 6:30, does that count as a snooze?”  Lucky for me, his alarm was already set for 6:30, so all I did was turn mine off.  You could argue if this was a snooze hit or not.  I did get up with the 6:30 alarm.  I made coffee and breakfast, and went to the couch.  So much for exercising.  I did get a gauge swatch knit up for my next knitting project, though.

Now I’m running late for the morning, and trying to decide how to run the rest of my day.  And weekend.  And week.

I think I need more coffee.

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