War, Day 19


Bedtime:  11:30 pm (Eastern daylight savings)

Alarm:  6:00 am (Eastern)

Snooze:  zero

Seriously?  It is pitch dark in Lafayette at 6:00 am?  And still at 7:00 am?  Oh, this week is going to be tough…  But, off to an early start.  So far so good.  It’s going to be a busy day – got lots of samples to thaw, gels to run, and proteins to find.  I am off and running!  Hopefully I’ll even find some time to play with my new BlackBerry toy during incubations and down times.

This morning I made a fantastic discovery.  Starbucks Dark Cherry Mocha.  It is like drinking a chocolate-covered cherry.  It is more than a little bit of heaven in the morning.  Can Starbucks please come to Princeton?  Too bad my brand-new favorite has 7 points (even with skim milk and no whipped cream).


One Response to War, Day 19

  1. john Feutz says:

    We could not afford a Starbucks in Princeton.

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