War, Day 21


Bedtime:  12:00 midnight (whoops)

Alarm:  6:00 am

Snooze:  zero

The general consensus is that it takes 21 days in a row to make a habit.  (And only 5 days to break it.  But we won’t go there for now.)  I  follow FlyLady.  She thinks it takes 28 days to make a habit.  I am going to pretend yesterday didn’t happen (for a number of reasons…  keep reading) and go on until Day 28.  Then we’ll say that I have made a habit of getting up with the alarm clock.  Maybe I  will go to Day 29 for good measure.

I figured out this morning that yesterday I did hit “dismiss” and not “snooze.”  The alarm on the BlackBerry does in fact work.  This morning, keeping in mind how not great yesterday was, I got up with the loud alarm.  And I do pretty much completely blame yesterday on the attempted snooze hit.

So.  Yesterday.  Got up late.  Got started in the lab late.  I had a headache.  My Western blot was way over-exposed.  So I had to expose another film to try to get a good image.  Right now, it doesn’t really matter what this image should look like.  Suffice to say, this is bad.  Very very bad.  The good news is that the antibody binds to the protein I want to find.  The bad news is that the antibody also binds to every other protein in my samples.

This is UGLY.

The Western blot drama made me leave late for my meeting in Indy.  Which made me late for the meeting.  My headache got worse.  The meeting ran longer than scheduled, which was really no surprise.  I hit traffic leaving Indy.  My headache got worse.  I had planned to go back to the vet school to get some work done after the meeting, instead of going to my home-away-from-home for the evening.  By the time I got back to Lafayette (6:30 pm), my head was pounding and I was exhausted.  So I skipped the work, went “home,” and took some Excedrin and a 2-hour nap.  That helped, but still had a headache when I woke up.  So I took some more Excedrin and pounded water for the rest of the evening.  Ended up reading Stephen King until midnight, and then couldn’t fall asleep (no fault of the Stephen King story).

When I got up this morning, my head felt okay.  Until I turned on the light.  Ouch! More Excedrin, water, and caffeine later, I am back in the lab with a headache again.  Today I am trouble-shooting my blots.  I am running many permutations of dilutions of both my samples and the antibody.  Going to be a long day today and tomorrow.

Then I am going home to Princeton.  I will be back in Lafayette on Sunday night.  Blah.


One Response to War, Day 21

  1. Susan says:

    OUCH! Rough day yesterday, hope things go better today!

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