War, Day 22


Bedtime:  11:00 pm

Alarm:  6:00 am

Snooze:  zero

This morning my first thought was, “Just five more minutes!”  My second thought was, “No, you can do this.”  And I did this.  Stupid up.  I got my stuff all packed up and my mini-apartment cleaned up so I can go home for the weekend.  And come back Sunday night.  For the whole next week.  Ugh.  I miss my bed.  And my husband.

The rest of yesterday got a bit better than it started.  My headache did go away, more or less.  My lab stuff went fine, as far as I can tell.  The most frustrating thing (well, one of the most frustrating things) about this set of experiments is that it takes two days before I know if it worked or not.  The first day is a minimum of 5 hours of pipetting, loading gels, incubating, and washing.  There’s an overnight incubation in an antibody that is supposed to recognize only the protein I want to see.  Then on the second day two there’s a bunch more washing, pipetting, and incubating.  Right now I am waiting on an hour-long incubation in a secondary antibody.  This antibody is supposed to find the antibody that stuck to my protein last night.  There is a special tag on the secondary antibody so that when I mix it with some chemicals (later this morning) and expose it to an x-ray film, it makes the picture that I showed you yesterday.  Well, hopefully it doesn’t make quite the same picture, but you get my point.  Lots of waiting.  And if it didn’t work, after two days of work, you’re pretty much back to the drawing board the next day.  I miss the lung function testing.  (Did I just say that?!)

So, keep your fingers crossed for me this morning!  A little over two hours, and I’ll know one way or the other!

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