War, Day 23


Bedtime:  11:00 pm (central)

Alarm:  6:30 am

Snooze:  once

It was 6:30 am.  On a Saturday.  And I hit the snooze button.  In retrospect, a bad idea.  I forgot I was home.  John was up and gone already (have I mentioned he’s crazy?), but the cats were home.  And hungry.  For the five minutes that I lay in bed between alarms, I had three hungry cats staring and purring at me.  (Pretzel, the only female, is too high-class for this.)  This may not sound too bad, but in the morning, these cats are formidable.  And loud.  And violent.  There’s loud purring, tickling with whiskers, pawing, bladder-bouncing, and head-butting (my personal favorite).  It’s an all-out free-for-all.  Then, once I got up, I was expected to go directly to the basement to feed them.  With all four around my ankles, trying to trip me because they are so starving, they will just eat me if I don’t get to the food bucket in time.  (Pretzel is not too high-class to participate in this part.)  It’s a wonder I haven’t fallen down the stairs yet!

So, cats fed, showered, I headed into town for the Gibson County Ag Day Breakfast (sponsored by the Gibson County Farm Bureau).  It was $1.00 for eggs, biscuits and gravy, sausage, and coffee (don’t forget the coffee).  Pretty good breakfast for $1.00!  And, once I got home, I fell asleep in the recliner.  For an hour.  It seems 6:30 on a Saturday morning is too early for me.

Finally, I am up and moving.  It is a gorgeous day today.  I opened most of the windows to air the house out a bit after the long winter.  The sun is shining, it is warm and wonderful, the breeze is blowing…  sniff…  the breeze is…  sniff, sniff…  oh.  The breeze is blowing.  Today, the house is downwind of the cow pasture.  And the breeze is blowing.  And John is outside on the tractor cleaning out the feed pen.  And the breeze is blowing.  And I am downwind.

Perhaps I will go close the windows now…

UPDATE  4:15pm. Seriously?  Power problems?  You have got to be kidding me.  Maybe I am going to stay in Lafayette for a while.  Oh, wait.  I’m going back tomorrow night for a whole week.


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