War, Day 24


Bedtime:  10:30 pm

Alarm:  6:00 am

Snooze:  zero

The “power issue” we had yesterday…  The wiring in our basement does not make a lot of sense.  There are a lot of receptacles that are wired in series, and I think only one circuit that takes care of almost the whole basement.  Our washer, dryer, freezer, and well pump are all on the same circuit.  Apparently, they can not all be running at the same time.  I am surprised that I didn’t find this out before now.  One of the receptacles in the basement had a short.  It was a receptacle that was not being used at the time, but was in series before the ones that supplied the washer, dryer, well pump, and freezer.  We replaced the receptacle and all is well.  For the time being.  Did I mention that we still have a fuse panel instead of a circuit breaker?  This is the new most important project.  Expect this to be a topic next month.

In the meantime…  I was sleepy today.  We came home from church, had a big breakfast (we got leftovers from yesterday’s $1 breakfast), and had long naps.  Now I am up and moving and have done dishes, working on laundry, run the dishwasher, and trying to get myself ready to head back to Purdue this evening so I can spend another week in the lab, working on my Western blots.  Did I mention that the set I ran on Thursday and Friday last week still didn’t work?  I’m closer, but still not quite there.


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