Water, water, everywhere

This is what I came home to last night.

On top of the rest of the drama of the week, there was a foot of water in our basement.  We borrowed a submersible pump, and pumped the water all night long through the red hose and out the only window.  Did I mention that part of the reason there was water was because that window was leaking during the major rainstorm that almost blew the doors off our barn?

The good news is that after the all night pump, we ended up with this:

So, the water is gone.  For the most part.  The bad news is, we were left with this:

I have no idea what is in this box.

This box is full of blankets.  They are soaked and laying out in the sun.

The gray box is full of yarn.  Did you know these are not waterproof?  The water got so high it floated a bunch of these tupperware boxes.  Then they tipped.  Then they flooded.  There’s lots of things that I thought would be “safe” that really aren’t.  At all. The cardboard box behind the yarn is John’s old baseball caps.  I have no idea if these are salvageable yet.   There’s lots of that.

The other bad news is that the water is coming back into the basement.  Even thought it’s bright and sunny and not even thinking of raining.  And not all the spiders drowned.  I thought they would have.  The bigger ones are apparently smarter than the smaller ones.  I have found too many spiders that managed to get to higher ground and scared half the life out of me when I picked up or opened something.

It has not been a good morning.  I am frustrated and exhausted.  And my back hurts.


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