The aftermath… almost

As you probably have figured out, the last few days have not been so good for us.  Research going poorly, extended times away from home, and of course the flood on top of the hill.  We are slowly but surely digging out (so to speak) from the wetness.  The bright spot is that my parents sent me flowers because I was having such a rough run.  They are gorgeous and smell great.  I brought them to Lafayette with me so they would keep brightening my days.

These are the scary stairs that John and I were up and down a million times in the last few days.

Who paints stairs?  Any why haven’t we put no-slip treads on them yet?  That will be coming soon…  I managed to only fall down them once.  And I only fell down two or three, I am not quite sure.  It hurt.  The plumbers showed up this morning to try to help.  When I left, they were still not sure what was wrong.  In the meantime, this handy little pump is what is keeping our basement (somewhat) dry.  The water just keeps on coming!

There are dry spots on the concrete.  There are also still wet spots.  Along with three fans and a dehumidifer.  We got it home and wished we had gotten the next size up.  Oh well.  This one is working.

There is also still a pile of mystery boxes.  These did not get wet.  Much.  We think.  John will be working on this while I am in Lafayette this week (right, honey?) and we’ll finish up (I hope) over next weekend.

That poor fish tank has been through a lot…

The garage, meanwhile, is a different story.  This is a load of dry stuff that is ready to come back into the basement.  Whenever we are ready to bring it back in.  (In other words, when the plumbers get it fixed and we get it dry.)

The tractor under the tarp is staying in the garage.  Or maybe going into the barn.  It is not coming in the house.  There is plenty of wet stuff that is still in the garage trying to dry.  It rained all day Sunday.  This did not help our quest for dry.  At all.

Unless anyone is really dying to hear about the daily alarm battle, I think it is tabled for a while.  I made 28 days with minimal alarm hits, and I am proud of myself.  I will keep it up, and post when something interesting happens (such as when I go back to my old ways, or I manage a nice long string of no-alarm days).  Trust me, anything interesting, like the Lauren Graham dream from the other night, you’ll hear about.


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