Back at it

Alarm:  6:30am.  Snooze:  four times.  It was not rewarding.  I did not feel more rested.  I woke up (finally) grumpy and late.  It appears that I may need the accountability this blog gives me, whether it is real or imagined (I suspect the latter).

The good news of the day is that THIS is a beautiful Western blot.

It doesn’t get much better than that.  Remember the first one?

Yeah, that was bad.  The new one is almost perfect.  I am working on making it perfect today.  I heart donkey antibodies.  Rabbit antibodies are worthless.  (At least in my hands, for my purposes.)

The other good news of the day is that our basement drain is fixed.  Well, technically it was the good news of Monday, but I didn’t find out until Tuesday.  And I’m writing about it today.  So that makes it the good news of today.  I am told this is only a temporary fix, and the plumbers will be back in another week or so to make it more permanent.  I am not sure what it all entails, except there will be concrete removal, pump placement, drain replacement, and perhaps driveway digging-up.  Depending on how involved we want to get.  I suspect we will skip the driveway digging-up part.  As much as I love indoor plumbing (and trust me, I love indoor plumbing more than the next girl), if we can fix the problem without digging up the driveway, I pick that option.  Every time.


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