Full steam ahead!

April 30, 2010

Look out GT Pie Co… Get a sugar cookie ready for me! I’ll be there around 2:45.


Missing my cookie

April 29, 2010

Yesterday I drove up to Indianapolis, again.  This is becoming a habit, and one that I don’t particularly love.  It’s a long, boring drive.  And I don’t even pass the Grand Traverse Pie Company when I go to Indianapolis, so I don’t get to have one of their to-die-for melt-in-your-mouth (14-Weight-Watcher’s-points) sugar cookies.

That cookie is really the highlight of my drive from Princeton to Lafayette.

Too bad the GT Pie Co is north of 70.

Or maybe that’s a good thing.

We did have cookies from the Paradise Bakery at my meeting yesterday.  They’re not quite the same, but still way yummy!

And now I am in Lafayette for the rest of the week.  Have some meetings this afternoon and tomorrow morning.  The question for me is always whether I leave around lunch time when my meetings are over, or if I stay until the “end of the day” and drive home then.  I can never decide.  If I leave at lunch time, I end up being tired when I get home, and don’t want to do any work in the evening (like I promised myself I would).  If I stay until the “end of the day,” I end up watching the clock until I can go, and I’m not all that productive anyway.

Regardless, I pass the GT Pie Co on the way home!

Fluffy helper

April 27, 2010



Floof-cat, how in the world am I supposed to get anything done with you helping me?!?

Oh, come on.  Give me a break.

Exercise in the MORNING?

April 26, 2010

I realized this weekend that even though I had fallen off the morning alarm wagon pretty desperately for a while, I am not doing too badly right now.  I got up this morning at 6:05am, after only one snooze hit.  And I’m okay with one 5-minute snooze.  I jumped (well, stumbled, really) right on to the Wii Fit.  Something about yoga with a virtual instructor before the treadmill makes things go a little better.  Makes the whole day go a little better, in fact.

I also realized this weekend that FlyLady‘s habit for next month is “Moving in May.”

The only time that I can manage to find for exercise (“activity,” if you’re a Weight Watcher or FlyBaby – we hate the “E” word!) is first thing in the morning.  No matter how I plan the day, or what I promise myself in the morning, something comes up.  All of a sudden there’s “no time” for activity later in the day.

And when exactly is “first thing,” anyway?

If I start any later than 6:30am, it’s way past 9:00 before I even start to think about sitting down at my computer for the day, and then the morning is shot.  So, is earlier better?  Well, not if I can’t get up, it’s not.  Stupid mornings.

At least the sun is up by 6:00am here now.  That makes it a bit easier.  For the next couple of months, anyway.

I have another goal for myself.  For the month of May, I am going to get up and do my “activity” at 6:00 in the morning, at least 5 days a week.  This will be tough when I have to go to Purdue and stay with friends (and it gets light later), but I’ll come up with something.

In the meantime, please meet my main activity equipment.  This is my treadmill.  He still needs a name.  I am partial to Bob (although after reading Goodeness Gracious’s misunderstanding with the name, perhaps I need a different one).  John is partial to Wilbur.  But he likes Wilbur for everything, so maybe he doesn’t get a vote.

This is the Wii Fit.  I use the female trainer, and occasionally call her the Wii B****, but that’s probably not appropriate.

Any ideas?  I’ll take ’em all.

So I have this ant problem

April 23, 2010

I believe that I have mentioned the weedy flower beds before.  In my two whine whine posts.

This is a lilac bush that is being taken over by irises and weeds.  That will be dealt with.  Eventually.  There are more pressing problems to deal with.

If you’ll notice, the people who put in these flower beds lined them with black plastic.  I know that is supposed to keep out the weeds, but if you ignore the flower beds for four years (like these have been), that plastic stuff just gets in the way.

This is the area we will be focusing on for the next few moments.

I don’t expect to find anything scary when I peek under this plastic.  I am wrong.  Oh boy, am I wrong.

In addition to being over run with weeds and irises, the lilac is also over run with ants.  Lots and lots and lots and lots of ants.  And little ant eggs.  Lots and lots and lots and lots of eggs.

These ants are trying to take over the world!  They run the whole length of this flower bed, at least on this side.  I have been too scared to check the other side yet.  (And, the edge of the plastic over there is still buried.  I think I’ll keep it that way for now.)  So, armed with my can of ant spray, I get started.

The can says “kills on contact.”  Apparently “contact” does not mean “instantly.”  They still are running around, no doubt to warn all their friends, for a few minutes after I attack.  As I move along the edge of the plastic, carefully carefully carefully lifting the edge up as I go, I find a surprise.

I guess the black ants are sharing their huge living space with their brown neighbors.  I didn’t know that ants coexisted like this.  I thought you had either black or brown, but not both.  At least, not both in the same place at the same time.  Apparently I was wrong.  Lucky for me, the spray killed the brown creeps as well as it killed the black ones.

Does anyone know if this stuff kills the eggs too?  Or is this going to be an ongoing battle?

I am not looking forward to the rest of this summer.

Law and Order: Beef?

April 22, 2010

So, not to get too controversial just yet, but it is Earth Day after all.

Just wondering – did anyone else watch the new Law and Order: SVU episode last night (titled “Beef”)?  It was all over Twitter earlier this week that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS – not your local animal shelter) was so proud to have footage featured.  From the HSUS hype, I was expecting some sort of “exposé” on the meat packing industry.  John and I settled in to watch it, fully prepared to be upset by an unfair portrayal of the agricultural industry.

That is not exactly what I saw.

Yes, there was some gross video of bugs and rats on a meat packing floor.  There was also the insinuation that the people who ran that particular business were corrupt and liars.  There was some input from the vegetarian/vegan group, but it was not taken too seriously in the show.  (I particularly liked the “PETA-boy” comment, but that’s just me.)

I have noticed that the HSUS has nothing to say this morning about the episode.

Any other comments?  Anybody get a different feel from last night’s episode?

Recap from yesterday

April 21, 2010

Yesterday was the Blog 101 workshop in Indianapolis, sponsored by the Indiana Soybean Alliance.  Even though I had to get up an an unheard of time, I still had a blast at the workshop.  I met lots of great women with many different agriculture-related (and maybe not so related) interests.  I learned a lot about this blogging thing, and have made some changes to my site.  (I hope you’ve noticed that already!)

After the workshop was less than stellar.  I drove up to Lafayette from Indy (a little over an hour) to have some meetings to figure out some of this PhD stuff I have been having trouble with.  Turns out (to spare you the details), there is a bit more trouble than I thought.  The software I used for my initial data analysis back in 2008 was significantly upgraded in 2009.  I was left out of that loop.  So the data analysis I did in 2008, that I have been basing my entire PhD on, is basically wrong.

Well, okay, not wrong.  Just not… right.

So I need to spend the next few days re-analyzing data, and re-identifying proteins.  Hopefully, this will actually answer some of the crazy questions that have popped up lately, instead of just making more questions.  Hopefully.  Too bad I won’t actually know that until I’m done.

Did I think I was going to defend in July?

And I managed to fill up a 150 GB external hard drive.  So while I was in Lafayette I “just ran out” to pick up another one.  (It’s way easier to “just run out” for this kind of thing in Lafayette than it is in Princeton.)  I got a 500 GB this time.  Before I can do any of this repeat data analysis, I need to transfer the files from the little to the big (which is taking forever, by the way).

Then I left Lafayette to come back home.  I got home a little before 10:00 last night.  And fell into bed.

What a day!