Back in Lafayette

I made the long drive this morning.  I am back in Lafayette, and I had the first poster session of the week.  This is what I left at home:

The garage is way full.

And the basement is way empty.  And almost dry.  You would not believe the number of spiders that we killed in the basement over the last two days.  Well, mostly John killed and I screamed.  It was awful.  I think all the small ones died in the flood and it was just the huge giant monster-sized spiders that were left.  I made John check everything for spiders before I would carry it out.  Especially in the corner with the shelves mounted to the wall.  That was their sanctuary.  Not any more!  A bunch died in the flood.  A bunch more died under our shoes (or my broom, or whatever I had handy to throw), and the rest will die in the next step of Project Basement Renovation.

So, on deck for when I get back in town?  Power-washing the gross out of the basement.  Then, after it dries again, we will seal and paint the walls and floor.  Then we will put together the shelves that we bought in January.  Then we will clean out the garage and actually put stuff on the shelves.

I think I’m going to need to take a couple of days off work to get this accomplished…


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