Things I miss

When I am not home, I miss this.

Don’t let this way cute picture fool you.  They are not always this well-behaved.  In fact, they are almost never this well-behaved.  (from left to right:  Pretzel, Martin, Leo)

That’s Big-O Leo in the foreground again.  And Orleans (aka “Floof”) in the background.  Floof is mad that Leo is upstaging him.

This is actually a pretty common position for Pretzel.  I can’t imagine how this is comfortable, but she seems to enjoy it.

This is the one I miss the most.  By the way, has anyone seen my husband, or is he still stuck under Pretzel?  I haven’t talked to him since yesterday morning.  If you see him, ask him to at least return an email once in a while!

UPDATE:  Found him.  Apparently he is not stuck under the cat.  He’s just way too busy for his own good.

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