The dirty, filthy basement

A couple of things today.

First, I hate my alarm clock.  Still.  My husband went off to work at a ridiculously early hour this morning, and I tried to get up at 7:00.  Tried.  I actually got up at 7:30.  Which, really, is not so bad.  But it means that I hit snooze 6 times.  So much for how well I was doing.  Here I come, back on the wagon.

Second, this basement project is turning into a bigger job than we anticipated.  We started power-washing the walls yesterday.  This is what pretty much the whole basement looked like before we took the high-powered water to it.

Pretty gross, right?  Some of that is dirt, some of that is mold (we’re pretty sure).  All of it is nasty.  This is what it looked like during the high-powered water attack.

Still pretty gross.  Really nice “white” streaks where the water has been.  And the paint is coming off the cinder block walls.  Fun.  Can you tell there’s two different colors under the dirty gross white?  Actually, in some places there’s three colors under the “white.”  And in some places there’s four.  Yuck.  Some of it is coming off down to the bare block.  Some is not.  John blasted the walls, and I came behind him with a makeshift paint scraper (we’re getting a couple of real ones today).  There were a few places where the paint was bubbling up off the wall.  When I scraped at those, water came out from behind the paint.  At first I wasn’t sure if the water was from the pressure washer or was seeping in through the block.  Then I found mold between two layers of paint.  Above the flood line.  Guess there’s my answer.  So this is what it looked like after the pressure-washing and scraping was done.

Clearly, we’re not finished yet.  Another round of scraping, another round of washing, and off we go.  See the ledge around the wall on the floor?  It’s always been this dingy brown color.  We thought that was just the color of the concrete.  John blasted part of that with the water, and the concrete is actually beige under the layers of dirt and grime.  Yuck. We’ll attack that when we work on the floor.  Eew.  This project has turned into a lot more than we bargained for!

And, the third thing.  Now that we have taken away most of the spider hiding-places in the basement, they are moving upstairs.  I just saw one in my office.  It scuttered behind the filing cabinet, and I can’t get to it.  Unfortunately, my desk has my back to the filing cabinet, so it can sneak up on me.  I am not happy about this.  The only saving grace is that it is not one of the giant monster mutant spiders that John has been killing for me.  This one is a bit smaller.  Only about the size of a quarter, if you count the legs.  Which I do.  They’re the scariest part!

Ek.  I’m creeping myself out.  Time to get out of the house!!


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