All the time busy

The last few days have been a little hectic around here.   I wish I had a good reason.  Just life, I suppose.  While I took the day off from “work” on Monday, I still was running busy.  Bible study group in the morning, errands, lunch with John, weeding flower beds (more on this to come), scraping paint in the basement, reading scripts to choose the Christmas show for the Gibson County Theatre Company, a nap (don’t forget that!), Weight Watcher’s meeting in the evening, and a play reading at The Farmer’s Daughter.

I did manage to pick this up from the dry cleaner’s on my many errands on Monday.  It has been sitting there for two months.  Can’t believe that I forgot to get it sooner!

Although, really, if I had picked the gown up in February when it was ready, chances are that I would have stuck it in the basement “just for now.”  Where would I be today?  Crying.  Because it would have been ruined in the flood.  So I suppose it’s a good thing that I let the cleaners store it for an extra two months.  Whoops.

Tuesday didn’t seem to be any better.  Actually back to work on Tuesday, I felt like I should actually do some work.  Why is it that even taking a few days off can seem to set you back so much farther than when you left?  I played catch up and “what am I supposed to be doing?” all day.  I think I am caught up, and I think I know what to do.  Tuesday afternoon I had a meeting for a prayer shawl knitting group through church, and in the evening my book club met.  (I just joined – my first meeting.)

Tonight, I have a board meeting for the Theatre Company.  When I get home we are going to have a cow-breeding extravaganza.  Oh boy.  I can hardly wait.  Too bad it’s only going to be me and John – if there were extra hands, I’d have pictures tomorrow!  (Bet you’re sorry you’re missing this…)

And so I’ve had these pork chops thawed in the refrigerator since Sunday.  I keep meaning to cook them for dinner.  The problem is, the recipe I was planning to use takes an hour.  Who wants to cook for an hour (and wait for dinner) at 8:00 or 9:00 at night?  Since tonight is also unpredictable, I am cooking them now.  Yes, now, at 1:00 in the afternoon.  So we have dinner after cow breeding late tonight.  Don’t they look good?

Oh, yum.  Just a little sauce reduction, and dinner is ready.  Well, sort of.

I wish I could say that things are going to calm down for the end of the week.  Cards here Thursday night, dinner with friends and two shows to see this weekend.  Did I mention the flower beds and the basement?  Ugh.  Did I mention that I’m getting up “early” to exercise again?

(UPDATE:  Note to self.  Do not leave sauce on the stove to reduce while I go about the rest of my day.  I was thinking, “Gosh, that sauce smells good.”  Then I thought, “Oh crap!  That sauce!  The stove is still on!”  Good thing I put a little too much water in at the start…)


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