Am I really that whiny?

So I re-read yesterday’s post, and I realized I sounded really whiny.  I’m so busy.  Poor me.  Wet basement, weeds in the flowers, meetings meetings, wah wah.  Boo hoo.

So I promised myself that today I wouldn’t be whiny.

I changed my mind.

I’m going to whine again.  Sorry to anyone who doesn’t want to hear it.  Skip this post and come back tomorrow.  I promise myself and you that I will not whine tomorrow.  (There.  It’s on the internet.  It must be true.)

We were up until 1:00 this morning breeding cows.  I really wish that I had pictures.  Although all the real action happens inside the cow, and that’s hard to take pictures of.  (And really, who wants to see that?)  In a nutshell, there were straws of semen frozen in a liquid nitrogen tank.   Liquid nitrogen is around -320 degrees F.  (No, that’s not a typo.  It’s really that cold.)  So you to take the frozen semen out of the liquid nitrogen, warm it up in a warm water bath, load it into the insemination gun (which is not as exciting, or scary, as it sounds), keep it warm (or all the sperm die, and this is just a big waste of time), and pass it off to John when he was ready to inseminate the cow.  We bred 11 cows to 5 different bulls in two hours.

I am really not a fan of working cows.  They never seem to go where you want them to.  And they’re bigger than me.  And dirty.  I don’t like getting dirty.

Chances are, not all 11 of these cows will get pregnant this go-round.  So we’ll have to do this again.  Then, I’ll have pictures.  (Again – it’s on the internet.  Truth.  End of story.)

Today, my computer is not cooperating.  I’m trying to load some files on a server so I can do this proteomics analysis for my research.  My VPN connection is not working right.  My virus software keeps trying to update and slow everything down.  My files are named wrong, so the analysis software doesn’t like them.  The mass spec data that I’m trying to analyze is not as good as I thought.  And on, and on…  (There’s the whine, by the way.  Just in case you missed it.)  Wah, wah.

I am done with the whining.  Thank you for your indulgence.

On the bright side.  We had a very interesting board meeting for the Gibson County Theatre Company last night.  We have some organizational issues we need to sort out, but this is a very exciting time for the GCTC.  We’re at a growth point, and we’re bringing in some new blood (myself included) to get and keep the ball rolling.  There’s lots of “administrative” work that I didn’t really expect, but we’re a small organization, and this is what it takes to make us bigger.  Web design and grant writing, bring it on!

2 Responses to Am I really that whiny?

  1. G says:

    So if you were up till 1am breeding cows (not my idea of fun, but a little less messy than being up till1am pulling calves), and you spent 2 hours breeding these aforementioned cows….then by my calculcations, you started this breeding extravaganza at approximatley 11pm. And so my question is one: why did you guys decide, at 11pm when most normal people are choosing to go to bed, that you needed to breed some cows?

  2. We had a time window. The CIDRs were removed Monday morning at 7:00am. So we were supposed to breed Wednesday night between 6:00pm-midnight. John worked at the sale barn in Vincennes, and didn’t get home until 11:00pm. Hence, the late night breeding. Some people might think that is sexy. (Those people would be wrong.)

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