Those bees are huge!

This is our front porch.  If you look closely, you can see my reflection in the door.  (Guess I need some more practice before I can market myself as a professional photographer.)  Please ignore the mess around the door.  We do.

The porch has a metal roof, but the frame and supports are wood.

This is the underside of the porch.

These all started as dime-sized holes in the wood.  It looks like someone got under there with a huge drill bit and went crazy.  What, you may ask creates this kind of damage?

This is a wood bee.  They are GIANT.  They burrow into the wood, and I think they live in there.  There are lots of them.  Now that spring has fully sprung, there are around 10 of them out there any given time of the day.  They are LOUD.  With the door open, I can hear them inside.

When I say GIANT, I mean GIANT.  These things are about the size of a quarter.

I am told they are harmless, but when there are a bunch of giant bees swirling around my head every time I leave the house, I’m tempted to stay home forever.

I just did a little research on them (read:  quick Google search), and apparently they are a bit more troublesome than just loud buzzing things around my head.  Seems like they’re kind of like termites in the way the tunnel, lay eggs, and nest in the woodwork.  One more job to do around the house!!


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