Recap from yesterday

Yesterday was the Blog 101 workshop in Indianapolis, sponsored by the Indiana Soybean Alliance.  Even though I had to get up an an unheard of time, I still had a blast at the workshop.  I met lots of great women with many different agriculture-related (and maybe not so related) interests.  I learned a lot about this blogging thing, and have made some changes to my site.  (I hope you’ve noticed that already!)

After the workshop was less than stellar.  I drove up to Lafayette from Indy (a little over an hour) to have some meetings to figure out some of this PhD stuff I have been having trouble with.  Turns out (to spare you the details), there is a bit more trouble than I thought.  The software I used for my initial data analysis back in 2008 was significantly upgraded in 2009.  I was left out of that loop.  So the data analysis I did in 2008, that I have been basing my entire PhD on, is basically wrong.

Well, okay, not wrong.  Just not… right.

So I need to spend the next few days re-analyzing data, and re-identifying proteins.  Hopefully, this will actually answer some of the crazy questions that have popped up lately, instead of just making more questions.  Hopefully.  Too bad I won’t actually know that until I’m done.

Did I think I was going to defend in July?

And I managed to fill up a 150 GB external hard drive.  So while I was in Lafayette I “just ran out” to pick up another one.  (It’s way easier to “just run out” for this kind of thing in Lafayette than it is in Princeton.)  I got a 500 GB this time.  Before I can do any of this repeat data analysis, I need to transfer the files from the little to the big (which is taking forever, by the way).

Then I left Lafayette to come back home.  I got home a little before 10:00 last night.  And fell into bed.

What a day!

2 Responses to Recap from yesterday

  1. Leah says:

    So happy to have finally met you face to face! I hope today was a little less hectic of a day.

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