Law and Order: Beef?

So, not to get too controversial just yet, but it is Earth Day after all.

Just wondering – did anyone else watch the new Law and Order: SVU episode last night (titled “Beef”)?  It was all over Twitter earlier this week that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS – not your local animal shelter) was so proud to have footage featured.  From the HSUS hype, I was expecting some sort of “exposé” on the meat packing industry.  John and I settled in to watch it, fully prepared to be upset by an unfair portrayal of the agricultural industry.

That is not exactly what I saw.

Yes, there was some gross video of bugs and rats on a meat packing floor.  There was also the insinuation that the people who ran that particular business were corrupt and liars.  There was some input from the vegetarian/vegan group, but it was not taken too seriously in the show.  (I particularly liked the “PETA-boy” comment, but that’s just me.)

I have noticed that the HSUS has nothing to say this morning about the episode.

Any other comments?  Anybody get a different feel from last night’s episode?

One Response to Law and Order: Beef?

  1. john says:

    I agree it was not that bad. The detectives seemed to realize that many of the activists are ultra radical and usually only point out the few bad actors. The detectives still ate meat and realized that the vast majority of processing plants run very safe and clean operations. The small amount of animal footage that was shown was the same overplayed footage that has been used for everything from animal rights complaints to scare tactics about BSE (mad cow disease). We have all seen this footage, we all know it is wrong, and we should all know that this footage is the rare exception not the rule for livestock production

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