So I have this ant problem

I believe that I have mentioned the weedy flower beds before.  In my two whine whine posts.

This is a lilac bush that is being taken over by irises and weeds.  That will be dealt with.  Eventually.  There are more pressing problems to deal with.

If you’ll notice, the people who put in these flower beds lined them with black plastic.  I know that is supposed to keep out the weeds, but if you ignore the flower beds for four years (like these have been), that plastic stuff just gets in the way.

This is the area we will be focusing on for the next few moments.

I don’t expect to find anything scary when I peek under this plastic.  I am wrong.  Oh boy, am I wrong.

In addition to being over run with weeds and irises, the lilac is also over run with ants.  Lots and lots and lots and lots of ants.  And little ant eggs.  Lots and lots and lots and lots of eggs.

These ants are trying to take over the world!  They run the whole length of this flower bed, at least on this side.  I have been too scared to check the other side yet.  (And, the edge of the plastic over there is still buried.  I think I’ll keep it that way for now.)  So, armed with my can of ant spray, I get started.

The can says “kills on contact.”  Apparently “contact” does not mean “instantly.”  They still are running around, no doubt to warn all their friends, for a few minutes after I attack.  As I move along the edge of the plastic, carefully carefully carefully lifting the edge up as I go, I find a surprise.

I guess the black ants are sharing their huge living space with their brown neighbors.  I didn’t know that ants coexisted like this.  I thought you had either black or brown, but not both.  At least, not both in the same place at the same time.  Apparently I was wrong.  Lucky for me, the spray killed the brown creeps as well as it killed the black ones.

Does anyone know if this stuff kills the eggs too?  Or is this going to be an ongoing battle?

I am not looking forward to the rest of this summer.

One Response to So I have this ant problem

  1. Cris says:

    I TOTALLY relate to the ant-a-ggedon (and the neglected black plastic :\) Never put two and two together though… hmmm.

    I have had no luck with any of the sprays. And that gel just attracts my little guys, but never kills them.

    I read somewhere you should pour boiling water on their hills to try and kill the queen. In my case, that would be A LOT of boiling water…

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