Missing my cookie

Yesterday I drove up to Indianapolis, again.  This is becoming a habit, and one that I don’t particularly love.  It’s a long, boring drive.  And I don’t even pass the Grand Traverse Pie Company when I go to Indianapolis, so I don’t get to have one of their to-die-for melt-in-your-mouth (14-Weight-Watcher’s-points) sugar cookies.

That cookie is really the highlight of my drive from Princeton to Lafayette.

Too bad the GT Pie Co is north of 70.

Or maybe that’s a good thing.

We did have cookies from the Paradise Bakery at my meeting yesterday.  They’re not quite the same, but still way yummy!

And now I am in Lafayette for the rest of the week.  Have some meetings this afternoon and tomorrow morning.  The question for me is always whether I leave around lunch time when my meetings are over, or if I stay until the “end of the day” and drive home then.  I can never decide.  If I leave at lunch time, I end up being tired when I get home, and don’t want to do any work in the evening (like I promised myself I would).  If I stay until the “end of the day,” I end up watching the clock until I can go, and I’m not all that productive anyway.

Regardless, I pass the GT Pie Co on the way home!


One Response to Missing my cookie

  1. Ott, A says:

    I too enjoy Grand Traverse Pie Co. and Paradise. Throw in a Panera Bread Co. and you would probably have my three favorite lunch places. Happy Blogging!

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