The flower beds are still unruly

With me being gone to Lafayette for a chunk of last week, and all the rain we’ve had lately, I have not done any more work in my poor flower beds.  Without my help, they are actually progressing pretty nicely.  The irises have gone from this…To this…

And the peonies have done this…

I like irises and peonies, but really only for a few days.  The blooms die really quickly, and then they just look sad and ugly.

Oh no!  You got your irises in my peonies!

Hey!  You got your peonies in my irises!

I guess there’s still some work for me to do after all.  What’s with all the irises?!  Guess I have to thin them out a bit.  Anyone want some purple irises?  Apparently I have lots.


3 Responses to The flower beds are still unruly

  1. dibble says:

    I wish I lived closer. I love Irises . . . I went on a mad planting spree a few years ago . . . and none of them made it.

    I cry a little tear at the thought of that memory. I am jealous !!!

  2. I wish you lived closer, too. We have more of those purple irises at a different spot – those are being taken over by (or are they taking over?) weeds, grass, and a yucca. Come and visit any time you want! I’ll send you home with lots of irises. 🙂

  3. Cris says:

    I just love irises… they remind me of my childhood 🙂

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