Again, with the rain!

Just what we need.  More rain.  And it looks like lots of it.  I will not be driving on any dirt roads in the near future.

We’re in Princeton, right in the gap between the two sets of storms.  The first round of thunderstorms (just heading off the right of the image) powered through here around 7:30 this morning.

It got so dark that our dusk-to-dawn light came on.  The power flickered a couple of times, but never went out for good.  I was in the shower when it flickered.  No big deal, except that we’re on a well.  So, no power = no pump.  No pump = no water.  Therefore, no power = no water.  (Remember those geometry proofs from high school?  If one thing was this, than that proved that the other thing was that.  I loved those things!  Uh, nevermind…)  So anyway, there I was, with loads of conditioner in my hair, when all of a sudden it goes all dark.  Luckily, the water doesn’t shut off immediately, it will run until the reservoir in the basement is empty.  Also luckily, the power came right back on.  I was able to finish my shower with no further mishaps.

Sadly, my coffee pot did not come right back on.  I was very glad that it had finished brewing, but the coffee won’t stay warm for very long that way!  So I put the coffee in my trusty Thermos travel mug, and got on with the rest of my day.

Seriously, this baby is awesome.  I have had it FOREVER.  It got me through vet school, through my internship, and through my residency.  Now it is getting me through my PhD.   Even when I don’t have to travel.  What more can you ask for?  Oh, it keeps coffee hot hot hot for at least an hour.  Sometimes two hours, if the coffee lasts that long.  (Like when I don’t have time to drink it all before rounds, and I’m out in the hospital wards for an hour and a half before I can get back to it.  Boy, I don’t miss those days.)

As much as I love a good thunderstorm, there is something very relaxing about the time right after a storm passes.  The birds are very talkative, especially the quails.  The cows slowly venture out of their shelter to graze the rest of the pasture.  The clouds pass and the sun slowly comes out again (well, enough so the dusk-to-dawn light went off, anyway).

Did I mention that we’re under an “Urban and Small Stream Flood Advisory” around here?  The phrase “God willin’ and the creek don’t rise” has a whole different meaning to me now.  There’s a little creek that runs through the middle of our property.  When it floods (and it does occasionally), it covers our driveway.  Seriously covers the driveway.  So much that this house up on a hill becomes an island.  Enough so that I wouldn’t DARE try to take my little car through it.  It is actually pretty impressive.  I sort of hope (did I say that out loud?) that it happens – just so I can show you pictures.

Don’t worry – the flood never lasts long.  (And aren’t those famous last words!)

And now, I can hear the next round of thunder coming this way!  Wish me luck!  (And maybe grab a boat!)

3 Responses to Again, with the rain!

  1. carla says:

    Hope you didn’t get much rain out of it! All we had in E’ville was a few sprinkles. A friend in Seymour had 2.5-3″ this morning!

  2. We only got about a half inch, after all was said and done. Nowhere near enough to need a boat!

  3. Cris says:

    Glad it passed you by! I am so tired of this rain. I am on vacation this week and I want some sunshine!

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