My coffee conundrum

I have this great coffee/espresso/cappuccino maker.  I love it.

Except it doesn’t work.  It makes coffee, and it makes espresso.  But it won’t steam milk.  What good is a cappuccino maker that won’t steam milk?!?  We have pretty hard water, and even though I use filtered water in the machine, it has gotten plugged with hard water deposits before.  I have tried to clean out the steamer, of course following the manufacturer’s recommendations.  To no avail.  Still no steam.  Aargh!

So I called the company.  They have a “limited one-year warranty,” as long as I have my receipt.  Well, crap.  No receipt.  The very nice guy on the phone looked up the serial number.  According the the SN, it was manufactured in May of 2009.  Which means there is no way I could have bought it more than a year ago.  (Whew!  Glad I didn’t wait two more weeks to call!)  So, I can send the machine back to them, and they will send me a sparkling new one.

There is a bit of a problem here.  This whole process, from sending to processing to mailing back to me actually receiving the new machine is going to take about three weeks.  Three weeks! Without my coffee pot!  What in the world am I going to do?

We do still have the regular boring coffee maker I used before I got my fancy version.  The problem is, it’s boxed up in the garage waiting to go to a garage sale.  And the garage looks like this.

Because the basement still looks like this.

We just haven’t managed to make much progress with the whole scraping, painting, building shelves project.  And the garage sale stuff, of course, is way back in the dark back corner of the garage.

So, my question is…  Is it worth excavating the garage so I can dig out the coffee maker?  I’m thinking of investigating the new versions of instant coffee.  The old, crystallized stuff is awful, but I’ve heard some decent reviews of the new kinds (like Starbucks Via).  Anyone had any experience with these?  Good, bad, or ugly?


One Response to My coffee conundrum

  1. Dad says:

    Sorry to hear your problems. As you may know, I am a Folgers fan and it tastes almost like real coffee!! Stay in touch.

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