Dishwasher, you are dead to me

May 20, 2010

I gave you fifteen plates to wash, and you cleaned only two.

I gave you six bowls to wash, and you cleaned only one.

I gave you three coffee mugs to wash, and you left coffee stains in them all.

Dishwasher, why do you make me so sad?

I give you water and electricity.  I give you detergent and JetDry.  I give you dishes to keep you company every day.  I ask for so little in return

I only make you work twice a week.

And yet you let me down.  You do not clean the dishes.  In fact, you bake the food remnants on the dirty dishes so they are even harder to clean.  You leave detergent residue on your door.  You laugh at me when I take the dishes out, and I hear you giggle as I re-wash them by hand.

Dishwasher, I do not love you anymore.

It’s not me, it’s you.

Soon, I will find a newer, better dishwasher, and you will leave my home.  We will not invite you back for birthdays or holidays.  You will not see my Christmas dishes again.  You will not get to clean my oatmeal bowls or my coffee mugs.  And I will not miss you.  I will love the new dishwasher more than I ever loved you.

Dishwasher, you are dead to me.


Versatile, Part 2

May 18, 2010

Okay, so I’ve had some time to look around, and I’m ready to share the Versatile Blogger Award.  Going Jane and Gal in the Middle already gave awards to some of the bloggers I would have.  I am a pretty new blogger, and don’t have a lot of bloggers (yet) that I actively follow.  In order to avoid repetition, I only have a short list of five.

In no particular order…

1.  A Latte With Ott, A. She is the gardener I wish I could be.

2.  The Frugal Girls.  These girls amaze me with their ability to find and conquer deals.  I don’t have the time or the sanity.

3.  Matt Schenk-n-Family (actually run by Carla).  Carla and Matt are friends of ours through the Indiana Farm Bureau.  Their daughter does some funny things!

4.  Life’s a Highway, and Mine’s Surrounded by Corn.  Whitney’s got a pretty cool job – she got to hang out with buffalo!

5.  Hoosier Farm Babe Tells Tails.  I hope I am this fabulous when I am pregnant.  (When?  Did I say when?  I meant if, I swear!)

Congratulations, ladies!  Keep it up!

Oh, so versatile!

May 18, 2010

I got my first blog award yesterday!  A big thank you to Going Jane for bestowing The Versatile Blogger award on me!

The rules of this award are:

1.  Thank the person who gave you the award.

2.  Share seven things about yourself.

3.  Pass the award on to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and think are fantastic.

4.  Contact the bloggers you have picked and let them know about the award.

So, first rule accomplished.

Here goes for the second rule, seven things about me…

First.  I hate feet.  I mean I really, really hate feet.  But I love getting pedicures.  And I love shoes.

Second.  I am scared of spiders.  Seriously.  I made my husband check everything we moved out of the basement for spiders before I would touch it.

Third.  I am also scared of heights.  Like, don’t want to go up on a two-step step-ladder scared.  But I love roller coasters.

Fourth.  I have spent 14 years in higher education (post-high school).  Fourteen!  (I hadn’t counted until just now.  Holy crap!)  And I still am not sure what I want to be when I grow up.

Fifth.  I love ducks.  They are funny and they make me laugh all the time.  We can’t have any because our cows don’t like ducks in their pasture, and our dogs would eat them.  (The dogs would eat the ducks that is, not eat the cows.)

Sixth.  I have a tattoo.  It is hiding.

Seventh.  I am an undefeated screaming champion.  Really.  I have competed in two screaming contests, and won both with flying colors.  The second ended in a scream off.  I kicked the other girl’s butt.  (I have video of the first one – I need to see if I can get it digitized and post it.)

I think I need to think about the third rule a bit still.  Going Jane already awarded a bunch of the bloggers I follow, so I will need a day or so to come up with a new list.  Please come back tomorrow!  (And the day after that, and the day after that…)

What a slacker!

May 17, 2010

I have been trying to use Sunday evenings to get some things accomplished.  This is a pretty new thing for me, as Sundays are often spent on the couch with a book or some knitting.  Yesterday was off to a pretty decent start, as in the afternoon I worked in the basement a little bit, did some cleaning up in the office (mostly tried to organize stacks of paperwork), and vacuumed out my car (the smell is way better now!).  Unfortunately, that’s were things ended.

I had grand plans – I was going to do some photo editing for posts later this week, get today’s post ready to go, do some work on a veterinary conference I am supposed to be helping find speakers for, get some information for the Gibson County Theatre Company‘s new website, do more work in the basement…  You get the picture.

Unfortunately, I got stuck in the couch.  I did manage to get some work done on a prayer shawl I am knitting for our church, and we made it to Dairy Queen.  But there was a long list of things left untackled.  Including a post for today. So today, this is all you get.

Tune in tomorrow for something way more interesting.  I promise.  (Doesn’t that give me a bit of accountability!)


My coffee conundrum

May 14, 2010

I have this great coffee/espresso/cappuccino maker.  I love it.

Except it doesn’t work.  It makes coffee, and it makes espresso.  But it won’t steam milk.  What good is a cappuccino maker that won’t steam milk?!?  We have pretty hard water, and even though I use filtered water in the machine, it has gotten plugged with hard water deposits before.  I have tried to clean out the steamer, of course following the manufacturer’s recommendations.  To no avail.  Still no steam.  Aargh!

So I called the company.  They have a “limited one-year warranty,” as long as I have my receipt.  Well, crap.  No receipt.  The very nice guy on the phone looked up the serial number.  According the the SN, it was manufactured in May of 2009.  Which means there is no way I could have bought it more than a year ago.  (Whew!  Glad I didn’t wait two more weeks to call!)  So, I can send the machine back to them, and they will send me a sparkling new one.

There is a bit of a problem here.  This whole process, from sending to processing to mailing back to me actually receiving the new machine is going to take about three weeks.  Three weeks! Without my coffee pot!  What in the world am I going to do?

We do still have the regular boring coffee maker I used before I got my fancy version.  The problem is, it’s boxed up in the garage waiting to go to a garage sale.  And the garage looks like this.

Because the basement still looks like this.

We just haven’t managed to make much progress with the whole scraping, painting, building shelves project.  And the garage sale stuff, of course, is way back in the dark back corner of the garage.

So, my question is…  Is it worth excavating the garage so I can dig out the coffee maker?  I’m thinking of investigating the new versions of instant coffee.  The old, crystallized stuff is awful, but I’ve heard some decent reviews of the new kinds (like Starbucks Via).  Anyone had any experience with these?  Good, bad, or ugly?

Everybody loves Bob

May 13, 2010

At the end of April, I announced that my goal for May was to get up (early) and get some activity in first thing in the morning, at least 5 days each week.  So far, I have done pretty well.  I have been getting up without too many issues.  The alarm on my phone goes off at 6:00am.  Then I hit snooze.  Twice.  It’s only a 5-minute snooze, so I’m up by 6:10am.  And I’m liking this arrangement.  It works for me.  No snooze judging.

I’ve been alternating an interval workout on Bob with yoga and strength training on the Wii Fit Plus every other day.  I only made four days last week, but have already done four days this week.  I have big plans to finish out my week tomorrow with another workout.

It turns out that I am not the only one in the house that uses Bob, on a nearly daily basis.  Three of our four cats use him too.  Although we don’t all use him for the same thing.

Orleans uses him for lounging.

Orleans on Bob

Pretzel uses him for napping.

Pretzel on Bob

And Leo uses him for bathing.  Right in the middle of the living room.  Really, that cat has no shame.  (I love that his tongue is sticking out in this photo.  Classic!)

Leo on Bob

And Martin, well, Martin is too good for Bob.  Clearly.  He’s way too high class to be seen on a treadmill, for heaven’s sake.  What self-respecting cat goes on a treadmill?

Martin not on Bob

Right.  High class.  That’s what I think of when I think of Martin.

Again, with the rain!

May 12, 2010

Just what we need.  More rain.  And it looks like lots of it.  I will not be driving on any dirt roads in the near future.

We’re in Princeton, right in the gap between the two sets of storms.  The first round of thunderstorms (just heading off the right of the image) powered through here around 7:30 this morning.

It got so dark that our dusk-to-dawn light came on.  The power flickered a couple of times, but never went out for good.  I was in the shower when it flickered.  No big deal, except that we’re on a well.  So, no power = no pump.  No pump = no water.  Therefore, no power = no water.  (Remember those geometry proofs from high school?  If one thing was this, than that proved that the other thing was that.  I loved those things!  Uh, nevermind…)  So anyway, there I was, with loads of conditioner in my hair, when all of a sudden it goes all dark.  Luckily, the water doesn’t shut off immediately, it will run until the reservoir in the basement is empty.  Also luckily, the power came right back on.  I was able to finish my shower with no further mishaps.

Sadly, my coffee pot did not come right back on.  I was very glad that it had finished brewing, but the coffee won’t stay warm for very long that way!  So I put the coffee in my trusty Thermos travel mug, and got on with the rest of my day.

Seriously, this baby is awesome.  I have had it FOREVER.  It got me through vet school, through my internship, and through my residency.  Now it is getting me through my PhD.   Even when I don’t have to travel.  What more can you ask for?  Oh, it keeps coffee hot hot hot for at least an hour.  Sometimes two hours, if the coffee lasts that long.  (Like when I don’t have time to drink it all before rounds, and I’m out in the hospital wards for an hour and a half before I can get back to it.  Boy, I don’t miss those days.)

As much as I love a good thunderstorm, there is something very relaxing about the time right after a storm passes.  The birds are very talkative, especially the quails.  The cows slowly venture out of their shelter to graze the rest of the pasture.  The clouds pass and the sun slowly comes out again (well, enough so the dusk-to-dawn light went off, anyway).

Did I mention that we’re under an “Urban and Small Stream Flood Advisory” around here?  The phrase “God willin’ and the creek don’t rise” has a whole different meaning to me now.  There’s a little creek that runs through the middle of our property.  When it floods (and it does occasionally), it covers our driveway.  Seriously covers the driveway.  So much that this house up on a hill becomes an island.  Enough so that I wouldn’t DARE try to take my little car through it.  It is actually pretty impressive.  I sort of hope (did I say that out loud?) that it happens – just so I can show you pictures.

Don’t worry – the flood never lasts long.  (And aren’t those famous last words!)

And now, I can hear the next round of thunder coming this way!  Wish me luck!  (And maybe grab a boat!)