The prodigal coffee pot

I’ve been a bit down and out lately.  Last week was a rough week for me – had some serious sinus stuff going on, and it was tough to breathe and do anything else at the same time.  Finally, I am back close to normal.  (Well, to what passes for normal for me, anyway.)

Something has helped significantly with my recovery.

I got a new coffee maker again!

Way way back in the middle of May, the milk steamer part of my fancy coffee pot stopped steaming.  It made me sad.  I sent the coffee maker back to the company, and was told that I should have the replacement in approximately 3 weeks.

So I borrowed a coffee pot, and waited patiently.  Well, I waited, anyway.

I realized towards the end of June that it had been way longer than three weeks, and I still did not have a replacement coffee maker.  So I emailed the company on June 28.  I got a reply on June 29 that my replacement was expected to arrive on my doorstep that very day!

I was running errands, and when I got home at the end of the day on the 29th, my new coffee maker was waiting for me!

It has come home to me.

And it is pretty.

And it makes espresso.

And it steams milk.

Does it ever steam milk.

Oh yeah, and it makes coffee too.

I am so very happy again.

Surely this will help to clear my sinuses right up!

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