Easing back in…

After way too many late nights, and more Tums than I can count, I got the “close-to-final” draft of my thesis in to my advisor on Saturday, at 7:30pm.  Then we went to Heritage Days and got some pumpkin ice cream to celebrate.  (We’re going to play around with our ice cream maker – I’m sure we can make this ourselves!)

Late Sunday night, the thesis draft was returned, with surprisingly few requested revisions!  Don’t get me wrong, there’s still lots to do, and I’m working on it.  But it wasn’t near what I thought it would be!

So… on to the next…  Wrapping up revisions so I can get the final draft of my thesis out to my full committee on Friday.

In the meantime, John and I are one of three couples who were selected as finalists in the Indiana Farm Bureau’s annual competition, Excellence in Agriculture.  This is for part-time farmers who get the majority of their income from off-farm employment.  We are headed up to Indianapolis tomorrow for the last part of the competition.  Today, we are finishing up the slides for our presentation.

And, not to forget, rehearsals for the Gibson County Theatre Company’s fall show, “The One That Got Away” are in full swing!  Opening night is Friday!

(Speaking of so much to do and not enough time…)

So, for today…  two loads of laundry already running.  Quick sweep of the floors done.  Dinner in the crockpot and dishes cleaned up.  PowerPoint, here I come!!


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