Yummy… Dinner at the Beef House!

I can not say too much about the Beef House restaurant in Covington, Indiana.  I love it.  Love, love, love it.

They say they are famous for their rolls.  Their rolls are pretty good.  But I’m a bigger fan of their beef.

I drive right past it every time I go back and forth to Lafayette.  Every time.  And I almost never stop.

Frankly, when I’m running back and forth to Lafayette, I’m usually on a time crunch, late for some meeting or other.  So there’s no time to stop.  And I’m usually by myself, and that’s just no fun.

We had big big plans for a delicious celebration lunch at the Beef House after my successful PhD defense back on October 11th.  But, we had an uncontrollable change of plans, and we didn’t make lunch that day.  So sad.

But, lucky for me!  We headed back up to Lafayette on Saturday October 16 for the Purdue football game.  It was one of their rare wins of the season, so we had two reasons to celebrate!  We stopped at the Beef House on our way back from the football game.  (Truth be told, we left the game early to beat the rush.  Good move!)

Hooray, Beef-labration!

(That’s a celebration with beef.  Doesn’t get any better!)

Hubby and I both had the ribeye steak, with broccoli cheese soup, salad bar, and a choice of potato.  YUMMY!

However.  Silly me.  I took a nap on the drive up early in the morning, so it was my turn to drive home after the Beef-labration.  Hubby slept through his meat coma, and I drove through Terre Haute.  I stopped for caffeine, believe you me!

Highly recommended – the Beef House restaurant in Covington, Indiana.  Nowhere near Covington?  It’s worth the drive!!

(Sorry to say I left the camera at home that day.  Don’t worry – next time there will be pictures!)


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