30 posts in 30 days

To go along with National Novel Writing Month in November, there was also a 30 Blog Posts in 30 Days challenge. 

I’m no novel writer, but I thought I would tackle the 30 Posts challenge. 

The goal was to at least get drafts of 30 posts written, not necessarily to have 30 posts published to the blog.

Regardless, I didn’t make it.  I got 11 done.  You’ve seen 10 of them.  And the 11th will be up this week.

They say that you will learn a lot about yourself by going through this exercise.  I certainly did.

I learned that I love to join challenges and projects like this.  I started off pretty well, writing four posts in the first week of November.  (But I can do math.  Four posts in 7 days will not get to 30 posts in 30 days.)

I also learned that if I don’t set up a plan, then I won’t reach the goal.  A goal without a plan is just a dream.  This was more of a dream for me, not so much an actual goal. 

I thought I might try this again in December.  Then I got hit with the reality stick.  With Christmas, and traveling, and family in town, there is no realistic way I am going to get 30 blog posts written in December. 

(Hey, this is a big deal for me!  I love to make long lists of things I think I’m going to accomplish, and then only get halfway through the list.)

However.  I will do this in January.  30 blog posts in January.  A few months late for the November challenge?  Yes.  So what.  I’m doing it anyway!

Anyone with me!

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