One of the many things I saw (that I never expected to see) in Atlanta last week was duck on the menu!  Not just once, but at most restaurants I went to.  Now, maybe I’ve lived in Southern Indiana too long, but duck is just not something I expect to see on menus!


I met up with two blogging buddies, Leah and Katie.  As much as it’s great keeping up on the blogs, there’s just something about some actual face-to-face time that is so much better!

We met for a late dinner at Prime Meridian in the Omni Hotel in Atlanta.  Way fancier than the places I usually go. 

I did not cook this duck.  I take no credit.  But I did eat it.  And it was good.


I also could not find exactly what this dish was called.  Suffice to say, it was GOOD.  Sliced duck breast with a sweet/tangy sauce, served over brown and wild rice with sliced mango.  Yum.

The duck, although the cell-phone picture doesn’t show it very well, was cooked to about how I would expect a medium steak.  A bit pink in the center, but warm and tender all the way through.  In fact, it tasted more like steak than like chicken.  (But really, it tasted like duck.)

Divine.  And I will have more soon.  I made a duck for Thanksgiving once, instead of a turkey…  Who says duck is only for special occasions?


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