Tractor nostalgia

These are the kinds of tractors that were around where I grew up.lawn tractor 1

See, it’s a lawn watering tractor. lawn tractor 2

You hook the back end to a hose, and set the track on the bottom over the hose in front. lawn tractor 3

Then the water going through the propellers pushes the tractor forward on the “track” (hose), watering the lawn with no work from you!lawn tractor 4

(Did I just say that a tractor has propellers? My farmer friends will laugh at me for that one!) lawn tractor 5

Even though the paint color is green, there are no logos on the tractor.lawn tractor 6

These days, I’m around tractors that look more like this.DSCN0919

And like this.DSCN0977

This tractor was borrowed, but it was still on our farm.DSCN1012

Sometimes the tractors look like this.bale spear 9

Then I laugh. Because it looks funny.

And because who would think I would end up living on a farm where I have no shortage of tractor pictures on me at all times?

Seriously. Have you met me? That’s pretty funny.

(Ahem. The mini-tractor pictures were taken with my shiny new camera. The other pictures were taken on a borrowed Nikon SLR, and have been featured on Farm Equipment Fridays.)

Hey! I almost forgot! I also have actually driven a tractor that looks like this:Marybeth pedal 1 

Can you guess which is my favorite?


4 Responses to Tractor nostalgia

  1. john says:

    I bet that any tractor with your husband on it is your favorite!

  2. Dave Kunkel says:

    Tractors are sexy! 🙂

  3. Ahem. It was a trick question. I don’t have a favorite tractor. Sorry, guys. 😉

  4. Dave Kunkel says:

    You must have a favorite tractor….it’s part of living in Southern Indiana. 🙂

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