Cycle of Life – Beef Cattle

Here’s a special feature – a joint post with my other Real Farmwives of America & Friends!


We’ve had a few nice days on our farm, and the cattle are really enjoying it!nice day

This time of year, the cows and calves are all turned out on the pasture together. grazing

On the left is one of our still-pregnant cows (she should be having that baby any day now!). Charlie’s mom is in the middle. She had a skin infection after her C-section, and is pretty skinny since she is trying to nurse a growing baby and recover from her surgery at the same time. Charlie is on the right. He’s still getting bottle-fed twice a day, and is doing great! Once we get him on more of a solid food diet, his momma will put weight back on and be back to fat and sassy!cycle

Some of the cows are catching up on their spring grooming.cow bath

And, as any baby likes to imitate it’s momma, the calves are following suit!calf bath

The calves love to run and play in time

Although sometimes there’s a very fun stick that can only entertain one at a time.fetch

And sometimes, all they really need is a little quality time alone with momma. Who can disagree with that?cow nap

Happy Spring!


4 Responses to Cycle of Life – Beef Cattle

  1. Leontien says:

    Yep they look pretty happy out there in the field!

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Great photos!!! Did you capture them with your new camera?

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