Guilty pleasure

I finally caved.

I originally had no interest in the Twilight books. I had heard that they were supernatural romance novels for tweens. So I was not interested. I love the supernatural aspect, just wasn’t interested in the tween romance novel angle.

And then.

When I was visiting my parents, my mom talked me into watching the first Twilight movie with her.

And I was hooked.

We watched Eclipse and New Moon over the next two nights.

And I needed to find the books.

I flew home the day after we watched the third movie. I looked in five bookstores in two airports to find Twilight (the book).

For the last few years, I have seen that book everywhere I turned. Now that I was finally looking for it, it took forever to find! I finally tracked it down in a mini-Borders at the Baltimore airport.

I blew through Twilight, and had to get my hands on the other three novels. Lucky for me, our friendly neighborhood Walmart had them.twilight books

So I bought them. And I spent the next three days reading them. I started Twilight on Tuesday, read Eclipse over Wednesday and Thursday, blew through New Moon and the first half of Breaking Dawn on Thursday, and finished Breaking Dawn on Friday morning. Then I read Midnight Sun. (Unfinished manuscript, part of Twilight from Edward’s point of view.)

Seriously. Hooked.

I can not believe how addicted I got to these books in such a short time. I couldn’t do anything else for four days! It was ridiculous. Hubby Doc is glad I am finished reading them. He wanted clean laundry. And dinner. Needy.

There is someone who was thrilled I finally took the plunge. Dani Do It has been waiting for me to jump into these books for a long time. I may have to head out to Massachusetts for her movie premiere party when Breaking Dawn, Part 1 is released! (I hear she throws great parties!)

And now… Back to real life.

Thank you, Stephenie, I had a blast!


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