Rain, rain, go away

You may not have heard, but it’s been raining in the midwest for the last week. We have a little extra water.

This is the White River, about 20 minutes north of our house.north of river

Actually, this is supposed to be a cornfield, just north of the White River. north of river 2

Yep, not many telephone poles in the middle of rivers.road underwater

This road goes past the cornfield/lake. Have you heard that you shouldn’t drive through high water?truck in water

This guy did. But you still shouldn’t. My little car would not have made that.

This is from south of the river. The actual river is supposed to be between the two rows of trees towards the top of the photo. south of river 2

I would have taken a better photo from the bridge, but there’s a lot of traffic. And not much room to stand. I didn’t want to get squished by a semi!!bridge traffic

This is supposed to be a soybean field, right next to our driveway. For now, our driveway is not underwater. But it won’t take much more water to get there!flooded field

John says you can tell that it is going to rain when flies cluster on the sides of buildings.flies on wall

They were clustering on the side of our house tonight.flies on wall 2

And I checked the radar. The radar said it is going to rain, too. (I don’t trust bugs. Especially for weather prediction.)weather map 04262011

This storm started around 10:00 tonight, and is supposed to keep going all night and into tomorrow!

Ready… set… rain!

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