Storm damage

Last night, we had a tornado watch in our area. We were very lucky in that there was no actual tornado and we had no damage to our home or property. But we had a few tense minutes!

I was out of town on Monday night (once I finally got out of the house!). When I talked to Hubby Doc Tuesday morning, he told me that there were strong winds on Monday night and we had a limb down in the backyard.

This is what I expected to find when I got home on Tuesday afternoon.little limbSomething small and manageable, no big drama.

I found that. I found this, too.big limb 2

Um, that’s not a limb. That’s a tree.big limb

The mommy tree was far enough away from the house that it was not in any serious danger from the falling baby tree. That is one heck of a bird falling out of a nest!

The same tree had some damage in a storm last year, and part of the top was already knocked out. Now it really looks top tree 2

(Psst… See the clothes line in that picture? That’s the topic for the next post…)

Poor tree. Poor yard. I wonder what we will do with this giant “limb” laying in the backyard? Eventually Hubby Doc will need to mow the lawn again…no top tree


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