Grilled ham steak

About two weeks ago, I was featured on The Real Farmwives of America and Friends blog for the In the Kitchen feature we are doing with Gooseberry Patch.

In my interview, I talked a lot about my grill. Gooseberry Patch even went so far to tweet that I am a grilling superstar! (Wow! Thanks!)

Then I realized I have never actually blogged about my grill. I use it. Lots. All year round. But I have somehow managed to overlook actually talking about it.

One of the problems this time of year is that by the time Hubby Doc comes in from work/garden/hay/barn projects, it’s dark outside. And grilling pictures don’t go so well in the dark.

But last night I made him take a break, and we I cooked early. Really. It was around 6:30!

I had grabbed a ham steak out of our magic freezer earlier in the day, so I was ready to go!

I am pretty simple when it comes to grilling. A bit of olive oil and some spices to rub into the meat, and I’m set. A favorite spice for pork around here is Shoup’s Seasoning.shoup

I was introduced to Shoup’s by Ott, A (and thank you so much!) and have never gone back. I give the meat a drizzle of olive oil, a healthy sprinkle of the seasoning, and give it a good rub.

Now, this is not your typical grocery store ham steak. This particular piece of ham comes from a pig that Hubby Doc and I actually helped to butcher. This meat is not preseasoned, and it is not precooked. It doesn’t look like a ham steak you would find at the grocery store, and it’s not supposed to at this point. This looks more like a pork chop, but tastes like ham… yum!rubbed ham

I get the grill good and hot, and put the ham steak on high for a few minutes. I flip it over when the first side looks about like this… (very scientific, I know)grilled ham

The second side never takes as long to cook – the trick is paying close attention so it doesn’t burn! One of the problems with meat that we prepared ourselves is that it is not always very evenly sliced. Sometimes I’ll end up with a thinner part that is a little, shall we say… flame-broiled… while the thicker part of the meat is just perfect. Whoops.

But, served up with our canned green beans (cooked with bacon), long grain rice, and a multi-grain roll, where can you go wrong?

ham for dinner

Happy Hunk of Meat Monday!

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