Grill it up!

The 4th of July is a pretty big grilling day around here, so I thought I would take this opportunity to show off my grill! Our county fair is going on this weekend, so we’ll be eating fried fair food instead of home grilled food, but I bet lots of you are grilling out today!

Hubby Doc actually bought this grill before we got married. But I commandeered it after we got married and I moved down here. grill 1

This grill has been through a lot. The winds get so bad on our hill sometimes that it has been blown over a time or three. And its handle broke off. But Hubby Doc put on a new one for me. (I was getting tired of using my oven mitts to open the grill cover!)handle

Does anyone actually have good luck with the igniter buttons? This one hasn’t worked in a very long time (hence the cobwebs).igniter

The grate and heat shield look a little dusty here, because I just cleaned it with a grill stone. I usually just use a wire brush, but every once in a while I give it a really good scrubbing down with a grill stone.grate

The heat shield has seen some better days. Every time we fire it up, we say that we need to replace it. Then we promptly forget until the next time we are getting ready to cook.heat shield

This grill also has a burner. I will admit that we have never actually used it. Usually when I’m grilling, I put the entire meal on the grill, veggies and everything. I keep thinking I’m going to try this someday, but haven’t made that happen yet.burner

My favorite part about the grill is the great view we have while we’re cooking outside.smoke

Are you grilling for the 4th of July weekend? What was on your grill?


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