County fair, check!

Our county fair wrapped up on Saturday. Hubby Doc just loves the fair. He is on the fair board, and takes a week of vacation so he can work at the fair all week.

I do not have the same love for the fair. I didn’t grow up around it, I was never in 4-H, and frankly, most of the time I just don’t get it.

This year, I took the plunge and volunteered to be one of the photographers for the many events at the fair. I was hot and sweaty all week (and tired!), but I got some great photos!

Now, I didn’t get around to all the events (we have a lot going on!), but here’s the highlights of the ones I did get…

This was the second year we had an adult pedal tractor pull. Here is Hubby Doc competing. john pedal tractor

I also pulled, and won the girls’ class. But the pictures were… shall we say… unflattering. So I will not post them. Not even if you beg.

Of course, lots and lots of animals. Some goats hanging out waiting their turns…goats

A cow getting all gussied up for her show…cattle show 

And a horse trying very hard not to mess up his pretty hair.fancy braids

We also had some dog agility classes this year. There was agility for big dogs…big agility 2

And for little dogs…little agility

Next year, I want to start a cat agility class. I will enter Martin.

Or maybe not…

We had some go-kart racing.go karts

(Seriously, how did I get that picture? Wow!)

We played volleyball in the mud (and by “we,” I most certainly do not mean “me.”)mud volleyball 1

mud volleyball 2

And because we didn’t get enough mud on volleyball night, we also wrestled pigs in the mud.hog wrestling

And we had a demo derby, with plenty of crash-bang-smoke-fire. Everyone (apparently) loves a good demo derby.demo derby

The final night of the fair was the Lee Brice concert. I missed that because my good friend Kristi got married the same night at Turkey Run State Park. Wedding… country concert… wedding… country concert. Yep, it wasn’t much of a choice for me. Wedding!wedding

All that fun and excitement, and the fair only got rained out one night!lightening

One more Gibson County Fair down… and a whole year until the next one!


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