Auntie Em, where are you?

We had some rain here last week. Just a little. The official tally was 3.5 inches in 30 minutes. Our rain gauge only picked up 2.5 inches, but a lot of the rain was coming sideways.rain gauge

I was home by myself. I called Hubby Doc in the middle of the drama and said I might get blown to Kansas.

He calmly informed me that the wind was blowing the wrong way for me to end up in Kansas.

I not so calmly answered him: “Okay, FINE! I’ll end up in New Jersey,then!”

He assured me I would not be blown to New Jersey.

Though I thought I might float there…

The ditch filled to overflowing, and the lower hay field flooded.july flood ditch

Somewhere there is a road in here… It looks like a river…july flood road

The cows even had a swimming pool for a day.july flood pasture

We lost power (just us, not our neighbors). Electricity is pretty essential for the sump pump in the basement. So we got water in the basement. About four inches worth in about three hours.

And after it stopped raining, the water level kept creeping up on the roads and fields. Turns out, when there are 3.5 inches of rain in 30 minutes, there is nowhere for it to go. It collects, and ends up across our driveway. The flooding was so bad near our house that Hubby Doc barely made it home later that evening.

Thankfully, he made it home safe, and with a generator, so we were able to dry out the basement.

The power company was out around 6:30 the next morning, once the flood waters had receded a bit, and we were back in business. Just in time to go to work.

And I was hoping to be able to call in flooded. Ah well.

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