October 7, 2011

First, I want to say thanks to everyone here on WordPress who has been with me since I first started this crazy blog endeavor.

Second, I would like to tell you that I am moving.

Well, I am not moving, but my blog is.

For about a year, I have been double-posting things here on WordPress and on my Blogger site. It’s all been the same content, just on two different platforms.

And that has started to get a little more complicated than I want to manage. So, as of today, I will no longer be posting here on WordPress.

All the same fun (albeit sort of sporadic) content will still be posted on Alarm Clock Wars at Blogger, but you won’t be able to follow it through WordPress subscriptions anymore.

You can come find me at, and either follow me through Google Friend Connect, or subscribe to email updates from that site.

Look for this subscription box on the right side:

subscribe by email

Simply type your email address into the box, fill in the captcha code in the window that opens, and – ta da – you’ll get my posts through email again, just through a different service.

Sorry for the confusion, and I hope no one has trouble with this. If you do have an issue, just email me at and I’ll help you get it figured out.

Thanks for sticking with me, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at Alarm Clock Wars on Blogger!


Pick it back up again

July 27, 2011

As you may have noticed, I have been a bit absent lately. I didn’t have much to say in June, until the last week where I really rolled some posts out! July has been pretty spotty, to say the least.

What’s going on?

Well, time, for one thing. Our county fair was the first week of July, and John and I were both tied up quite a bit with that. I’m also very involved with our local community theatre, the Gibson County Theatre Company, and I just finished stage managing “The King and I” last weekend. Between those two big events, they pretty ate up all my free time for the last three weeks.

But that’s not all, as much as I would like to say it is.

I’m having some trouble getting “back into the swing of things.”

Have you noticed that? It’s not just with blogging. It’s with eating right, exercising, getting up on time, reading instead of watching TV, cooking at home instead of going out to eat, anything like that. Those are just a few of my biggies.

It seems easy to STOP doing some of these things… piece of cake (pun definitely intended) to STOP getting up 45 minutes early to spend some quality time with Bob, my treadmill. Easy to STOP picking up the book and flipping on the stupid television. (200 channels and still nothing on?) Easy to STOP blogging.

But, gosh, it sure can be hard to START doing some of these things again!

What is it about that? These are things I like to do (reading, blogging), and things I know I need to do for my health (eating right, exercising).

Getting up early? Well, that doesn’t really fall into either category. But I do know that I feel a whole lot better, all day long, if I get up without any (or with only one) snooze, instead of fighting with that stupid thing for an hour.

Okay, so it is pretty easy to get into a routine that involves sleeping in and not getting enough exercise and camping out in front of the television. Why is it so hard to get back out of that habit? Lazy feels good sometimes, but most of the time lazy doesn’t fell good. At all.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve thought to myself, “Self, there is nothing on television, and you would rather be (blogging, writing, reading, whatever-ing) so get your butt out of the recliner and go do that thing!” And I don’t move.

Seriously! What is the deal with that?

So. Today, July 26. (yes, writing a day ahead of posting) For the next month, I will post no less than three times per week. And for every post I write, I will comment on three other blogs. (Another of the things I have a hard time “picking back up” again.)

Help me out, and hold me accountable, please!

I love all of you, my readers, and I do miss spending time with you! Here is my effort to bring the relationship back to life. 😉

What is something that you have stopped doing, that you want to start again?

Morning war

May 23, 2011

Today I had a meeting with some of The Real Farmwives of America & Friends to build some blogging solidarity. We try to get together every few months to hang out, share some blogging experiences and tips, and spend some quality time on our blogs.

I live three hours away from where these meetings are. In a different time zone. So a meeting that starts at 10:00am in Indianapolis starts at 9:00am in my time zone. And I need to leave my house by 6:00am to get there on time.

(Don’t ask me about the meetings that start at 9:00am Indy time. I get tired just thinking about getting up for those meetings. Two weeks ago, I had to get to one that started at 7:00am Indy time. Ouch!!)

Anyway. Last night, I remembered to set up my coffee pot so it would automatically kick on and be ready to go by 6:00am. I changed my alarm clock, but I realized this morning I didn’t change it to the right time.

I thought I set it for 4:45am. Which makes me gag a little.

I actually had set it for 5:45am. Which makes me gag a little less, but also makes me late for my meeting.

My coffee pot turned on as planned. My alarm clock did not go off, but lucky me, I had a cat alarm clock this morning.

I don’t love it when Martin or Leo wakes me up by yelling for breakfast before my alarm goes off. Today, that would have been welcome.

This morning, right at 5:30am, I woke up to the sound of a cat puking. Many times. In different areas of the house.

The good news? It woke me up.

The bad news? There was a puking cat. It was Martin. And he had puked all over the house.

The other good news? After he puked (7 times), he was fine. He came for breakfast at 6:15am like he had never eaten before in his life.

And I sped a little bit on my drive (fueled by a travel mug of coffee, a triple venti skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks, and a Diet Coke), so I wasn’t too late for my meeting with the girls.

I did have to stop to pee. Twice. But I made it!

I got a new toy!!

March 17, 2011

I’m so excited! I got a new toy!

I got a camera!


As functional as the point-and-shoot camera was, it was making me mad.

The zoom didn’t zoom very far. The flash took forever to recharge so I could take another picture. It took decent pictures, but I needed to do a lot of photo editing so I could put them online, and you could see what I was taking pictures of.

So I got a new one. 🙂

Yay for the DSL!

I love my new toy!

Robert’s Camera in Carmel, IN was super. The sales person answered all my questions, and was really helpful. She pulled out other comparable cameras to the one I thought I wanted, and I had a chance to play with them all. We talked about the different types of lenses, and which ones I might use now. She wasn’t pushy when I said I wasn’t ready for the super-fancy $700 lens. (Although I do want one.)

I ended up with the Nikon 3100 digital SLR.Now I just have to figure out how to use all the bells and whistles…

Lucky for me, Robert’s offers a free two-hour class, specific to the model, on how to use my new toy. I wonder when I will have time to get back to Indianapolis to take the class?

Oh, that’s right, I go to Indy all the time! I’m sure I’ll be able to find a time.

So close!

March 16, 2011

I thought I was going to be able to blog from the plane.

I got on the plane, and it is a Wi-Fi Hot Spot! Yay!

DSC_0204 I was so excited… I haven’t blogged in forever. And I miss it. And I miss you. And here I was, with an hour of “found time” online! What a perfect excuse!

We got up to cruising altitude, and I fired up my laptop, all aquiver with anticipation.

My first flight with Wi-Fi!

Sort of.

I connected to the Wi-Fi, and realized I had to pay for access.

Sad. 😦

Don’t get me wrong. Bags fly free. (Instead of for $25 like on other airlines.) And I love that. I am not complaining (too loud). So $5 for a Wi-Fi connection really isn’t all that bad. I just didn’t want to dig out my wallet and find my card info and spend five bucks for an hour.

So I wrote this post instead, and will have to wait to post it until I am back on the ground.

Ah well. Maybe now that I’m up and running, I’ll get some other posts written, too!

30 posts in 30 days

December 6, 2010

To go along with National Novel Writing Month in November, there was also a 30 Blog Posts in 30 Days challenge. 

I’m no novel writer, but I thought I would tackle the 30 Posts challenge. 

The goal was to at least get drafts of 30 posts written, not necessarily to have 30 posts published to the blog.

Regardless, I didn’t make it.  I got 11 done.  You’ve seen 10 of them.  And the 11th will be up this week.

They say that you will learn a lot about yourself by going through this exercise.  I certainly did.

I learned that I love to join challenges and projects like this.  I started off pretty well, writing four posts in the first week of November.  (But I can do math.  Four posts in 7 days will not get to 30 posts in 30 days.)

I also learned that if I don’t set up a plan, then I won’t reach the goal.  A goal without a plan is just a dream.  This was more of a dream for me, not so much an actual goal. 

I thought I might try this again in December.  Then I got hit with the reality stick.  With Christmas, and traveling, and family in town, there is no realistic way I am going to get 30 blog posts written in December. 

(Hey, this is a big deal for me!  I love to make long lists of things I think I’m going to accomplish, and then only get halfway through the list.)

However.  I will do this in January.  30 blog posts in January.  A few months late for the November challenge?  Yes.  So what.  I’m doing it anyway!

Anyone with me!

Next, please!

October 20, 2010

For those of you that haven’t heard, I finished my PhD last week!  I passed my defense (presentation and oral exam) on Monday, and passed the format check on my thesis on Wednesday.  Finished filling out all the paperwork and collecting all the signatures I needed, and got all that turned in on Thursday last week!  Yesterday I officially turned in all my keys and cards, and now am no longer a grad student at Purdue!  Yay!

John jokes that I can’t have business cards anymore because my name and degrees won’t fit. 

Marybeth Miskovic Feutz, DVM, MS, PhD, Diplomate ACVIM(LA)

Yep, that’s a mouthful all right!!

I am thrilled to be finished…  it was a big push at the end, and I made it!  Everyone keeps asking what my plans are, now that I am done with school.  Where am I going to get a job, what am I going to do for a living…  Really, I have been looking forward to some time off.  I need to relax a bit. 

Actually, I have a few projects that I do want to work on.  Some minor(ish) kitchen redecorating, cleaning (that may or may not have been slightly neglected over the last busy busy six weeks), papers to write from my research to publish, some work on an online project I want to get off the ground in the next few months…  You know, little things like that.

So, while I would not turn down “gainful employment” if it fell in my lap tomorrow, I am perfectly happy doing some part-time consulting for my family’s veterinary practice and working on my own projects next few months.  Maybe I’ll even start my Alarm Clock War again this week…

Ask me again next year…