The aftermath

Do you remember when my car was stuck in the mud?  Do you remember that there was water coming up through the floorboards?  Well, that was stinky, muddy, ditch water.  And now my car is smelly.  I left the windows open for a day, and it hadn’t even dried yet.  Then I left the doors open for a day, and the floor finally dried.  Then it smelled.  Bad.  I really wish there was a way to share a smell over the internet, cause I’d bottle this one up and send it away in a second.  Then I tried Febreze.  I may have gone a little crazy with the Febreze, because now the car smells like swamp-water and extra-strength Febreze.  And it is still sitting in our driveway with all the doors open.  It looks like it is getting ready to fly away.  (Which is just might do with all the wind we have up on our hill!)

Also, remember those big beautiful peony blooms?  This is what that part of the flower beds looks like now.

Monday evening:

Thursday evening:

Right.  Sad and ugly.  Poor peony.  Sigh.  At least I know where all its petals went…

Right there on the ground, with all their weedy new friends.

I thought spring was supposed to be happy and joyful?  This is a bit sad.

I’ll try for joyful next time.


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