Guilty pleasure

March 31, 2011

I finally caved.

I originally had no interest in the Twilight books. I had heard that they were supernatural romance novels for tweens. So I was not interested. I love the supernatural aspect, just wasn’t interested in the tween romance novel angle.

And then.

When I was visiting my parents, my mom talked me into watching the first Twilight movie with her.

And I was hooked.

We watched Eclipse and New Moon over the next two nights.

And I needed to find the books.

I flew home the day after we watched the third movie. I looked in five bookstores in two airports to find Twilight (the book).

For the last few years, I have seen that book everywhere I turned. Now that I was finally looking for it, it took forever to find! I finally tracked it down in a mini-Borders at the Baltimore airport.

I blew through Twilight, and had to get my hands on the other three novels. Lucky for me, our friendly neighborhood Walmart had them.twilight books

So I bought them. And I spent the next three days reading them. I started Twilight on Tuesday, read Eclipse over Wednesday and Thursday, blew through New Moon and the first half of Breaking Dawn on Thursday, and finished Breaking Dawn on Friday morning. Then I read Midnight Sun. (Unfinished manuscript, part of Twilight from Edward’s point of view.)

Seriously. Hooked.

I can not believe how addicted I got to these books in such a short time. I couldn’t do anything else for four days! It was ridiculous. Hubby Doc is glad I am finished reading them. He wanted clean laundry. And dinner. Needy.

There is someone who was thrilled I finally took the plunge. Dani Do It has been waiting for me to jump into these books for a long time. I may have to head out to Massachusetts for her movie premiere party when Breaking Dawn, Part 1 is released! (I hear she throws great parties!)

And now… Back to real life.

Thank you, Stephenie, I had a blast!


Cycle of Life – Beef Cattle

March 25, 2011

Here’s a special feature – a joint post with my other Real Farmwives of America & Friends!


We’ve had a few nice days on our farm, and the cattle are really enjoying it!nice day

This time of year, the cows and calves are all turned out on the pasture together. grazing

On the left is one of our still-pregnant cows (she should be having that baby any day now!). Charlie’s mom is in the middle. She had a skin infection after her C-section, and is pretty skinny since she is trying to nurse a growing baby and recover from her surgery at the same time. Charlie is on the right. He’s still getting bottle-fed twice a day, and is doing great! Once we get him on more of a solid food diet, his momma will put weight back on and be back to fat and sassy!cycle

Some of the cows are catching up on their spring grooming.cow bath

And, as any baby likes to imitate it’s momma, the calves are following suit!calf bath

The calves love to run and play in time

Although sometimes there’s a very fun stick that can only entertain one at a time.fetch

And sometimes, all they really need is a little quality time alone with momma. Who can disagree with that?cow nap

Happy Spring!


March 23, 2011

DSC_0041-1 DSC_0045-1  DSC_0044-1

Wordless Wednesday

Time traveler

March 21, 2011

March 7: Central time at home

March 8: Drive to Indianapolis to Eastern time, then fly to Washington, DC on Eastern time

March 10: Fly to Indianapolis on Eastern time

March 12: Drive home to Central time

March 12: Clocks “spring ahead” – back on Eastern time, sort of

March 15: Drive to Indianapolis to Eastern time; drive back home to Central time

March 16: Drive to Louisville to Eastern time, fly to Raleigh on Eastern time

March 22: Fly to Louisville on Eastern time, drive home to Central time

March 23: Drive to meeting in Eastern time

March 25: Drive to meeting in Eastern time

March 26: Drive to meeting in Eastern time

My internal clock certainly feels all messed up. No wonder it’s been so hard to get up in the mornings!

Can you get jet lag from driving back and forth between two time zones? I’m exhausted!

I’ve been traveling so much this month, I can’t wait to get back home!

Tractor nostalgia

March 18, 2011

These are the kinds of tractors that were around where I grew up.lawn tractor 1

See, it’s a lawn watering tractor. lawn tractor 2

You hook the back end to a hose, and set the track on the bottom over the hose in front. lawn tractor 3

Then the water going through the propellers pushes the tractor forward on the “track” (hose), watering the lawn with no work from you!lawn tractor 4

(Did I just say that a tractor has propellers? My farmer friends will laugh at me for that one!) lawn tractor 5

Even though the paint color is green, there are no logos on the tractor.lawn tractor 6

These days, I’m around tractors that look more like this.DSCN0919

And like this.DSCN0977

This tractor was borrowed, but it was still on our farm.DSCN1012

Sometimes the tractors look like this.bale spear 9

Then I laugh. Because it looks funny.

And because who would think I would end up living on a farm where I have no shortage of tractor pictures on me at all times?

Seriously. Have you met me? That’s pretty funny.

(Ahem. The mini-tractor pictures were taken with my shiny new camera. The other pictures were taken on a borrowed Nikon SLR, and have been featured on Farm Equipment Fridays.)

Hey! I almost forgot! I also have actually driven a tractor that looks like this:Marybeth pedal 1 

Can you guess which is my favorite?

I got a new toy!!

March 17, 2011

I’m so excited! I got a new toy!

I got a camera!


As functional as the point-and-shoot camera was, it was making me mad.

The zoom didn’t zoom very far. The flash took forever to recharge so I could take another picture. It took decent pictures, but I needed to do a lot of photo editing so I could put them online, and you could see what I was taking pictures of.

So I got a new one. 🙂

Yay for the DSL!

I love my new toy!

Robert’s Camera in Carmel, IN was super. The sales person answered all my questions, and was really helpful. She pulled out other comparable cameras to the one I thought I wanted, and I had a chance to play with them all. We talked about the different types of lenses, and which ones I might use now. She wasn’t pushy when I said I wasn’t ready for the super-fancy $700 lens. (Although I do want one.)

I ended up with the Nikon 3100 digital SLR.Now I just have to figure out how to use all the bells and whistles…

Lucky for me, Robert’s offers a free two-hour class, specific to the model, on how to use my new toy. I wonder when I will have time to get back to Indianapolis to take the class?

Oh, that’s right, I go to Indy all the time! I’m sure I’ll be able to find a time.

So close!

March 16, 2011

I thought I was going to be able to blog from the plane.

I got on the plane, and it is a Wi-Fi Hot Spot! Yay!

DSC_0204 I was so excited… I haven’t blogged in forever. And I miss it. And I miss you. And here I was, with an hour of “found time” online! What a perfect excuse!

We got up to cruising altitude, and I fired up my laptop, all aquiver with anticipation.

My first flight with Wi-Fi!

Sort of.

I connected to the Wi-Fi, and realized I had to pay for access.

Sad. 😦

Don’t get me wrong. Bags fly free. (Instead of for $25 like on other airlines.) And I love that. I am not complaining (too loud). So $5 for a Wi-Fi connection really isn’t all that bad. I just didn’t want to dig out my wallet and find my card info and spend five bucks for an hour.

So I wrote this post instead, and will have to wait to post it until I am back on the ground.

Ah well. Maybe now that I’m up and running, I’ll get some other posts written, too!